Another day, another article. The experience of previous posts leaves you feeling that you are starting to repeat yourself. That, a few other limiting beliefs and you are successfully petrified. Don’t fret, burnouts are a common phenomenon in any field. And in doing creative work it’s easier to get back into the saddle. You just need to tap on to the power source and below you will find a few good ways to ground yourself and get in touch with that current again.
The ways presented in this piece are somewhat common to meditation. Firstly, of course you need to get into a relaxed position bla-bla-bla… Yes, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but there is more to it. Of course, getting comfortable will help you, but what you are really seeking to do is to quiet the mind. Now, in order to do so you have to…
Accept the Moment as It Is
Probably the most important and universal step of any writing block removal. All the compulsive limiting thoughts that haunt you: “I can’t outmatch my best article.”, “I’m repeating myself”, “I can’t think of anything” — just accept them. This is why you should think: “Ok, I’m anxious about continuing and, hopefully, will have a great creative life while being anxious many more times.” Acceptance is very releasing. It will divert your attention.
Place Yourself in the Heart of Your Topic
Now think about the matter or object you have to describe. This one is especially viable if you need to process a topic that reaches out beyond your field of knowledge. Think of the environment you find yourself in with your objective. For example, a caged basketball court, but don’t just imagine how it looks. Try to experience it with all the senses you’ve got: the sound, touch and smell. Feel the scent of rubber chafing against the asphalt, the ringing of loose aluminum fence against the gust of wind, its cold evening surface. Imagining these additional elements will give you a much more immersive and vivid experience. The technique is somewhat similar to the lucid dreaming. For abstract questions you can go with thought provoking fictional settings. Sky’s the limit.
Let the Images Come to You
Now just accept the associations that fill you and give into the vibe. Gradually your visions will start to reproduce themselves. You will get a self-reinforcing stream of occasional vibrant visuals. The most important part, however, is not to force it. Your progression in this technique will be gradual and not instant. You should expect the stream but just let it come, without pressure. Don’t get into the same thought loop you’ve had in the first place. The outcome should not matter to you. Remember about accepting the moment for what it is.
Seek Imaginary Council
Additionally, when dealing with a predicament that you need to somehow solve, there is another trick for you. Imagine all the people that you admire, be it celebrities, prominent historic or even fictional figures. Have them gathered around the imaginary table in order to give you advice on your problem. Try to predict what their views would be and what they might advise. This kind of a side approach is going to give your subconscious mind the right direction towards that eureka moment. And I am being literal here. Just remember how we’ve learned to suspend the anxiety and let the images come.
These simple tricks should help you get in the zone and keep up the good work. For academic writing blocks you may also try numerous mind mapping techniques abundantly available online. Remember, though that the best technique is positive reinforcement so trust in your ability, good luck and awesome creative discoveries to you!

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Jane Copland is a passionate PR manager at – the community of freelance academic writers. She’s into writing, technology and psychology