I have read many research papers and conducted my own research towards my PHD, on why some people become high achievers and others don’t. My findings have been rather interesting, regardless of personality type, habits, gender, occupation or geographic location, everyone I have researched, who has achieved great things in their lives, had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and without exception, they believed that they would succeed in achieving that vision. The people who achieved less than satisfactory results, on the other hand, doubted themselves and found it difficult or impossible to visualise themselves achieving anything extra-ordinary.

The single most important factor, which has been highlighted by my research, is that unless you can vividly picture yourself achieving greatness and you believe emphatically that you will eventually achieve it, it is unlikely that you will break out of average and achieve the meaning and fulfilment you desire. Yes of course all high achievers have dreams, which they turn into goals, strategic plans and action lists which they take action on daily. All these factors are obviously important, but my research has shown that most people lack the drive, inspiration and daily commitment to sustain their efforts, if they do not have a crystal clear picture of possibility, which they believe is possible for them to achieve, to focus on and drive and sustain their daily efforts.

Making this Work for You
This is the perfect time of year to set aside some quiet alone time, to create a relaxing atmosphere, in which you can allow your mind out for a walk. Allow it to walk unfettered into the future and allow yourself to dream and visualise all the possibilities, that you want to see materialise in your future. The best way to make this work for you is to allow your mind to be completely relaxed and stress free.

Set your Creativity Free
Allow the left side of your brain the freedom it needs to be creative and to reveal all the possibilities available to you. I can hear you saying “I am not creative” Well nothing could be further from the truth. You are creative and you do know what you want to achieve in the future, you have just allowed society to force you to turn down the volume, on your inner all-knowing voice and you have suppressed your creative side. It is time to allow yourself to visualise the incredible possibility you are capable of achieving, to finally believe you deserve to achieve them and that you have what it takes bring those dreams to life.

Action Idea: When you are properly relaxed, in a positive mind space, feeling optimistic and in a state of expectant belief, allow your mind to visualise what you want to have, do and be, 12 months, 3, 5 and 10 years from now. Try to visualise yourself living the perfect day at each of those milestones along your path into the future.

Now answer these few questions below:
Who are you?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
How do you feel?
What are you thinking?
What do you do and where do you go to enjoy your VOCATION, every day?
Who are the people around you?
What personal achievements are you enjoying?
Fill in a few more questions if that will help you develop a clearer picture for the future
Remember that all great achievers have a vivid crystal clear picture in their mind, about exactly what they want to achieve and they believe emphatically in their ability to bring that picture of possibility to life. The above exercise is designed to allow you to start the process of loading your own picture of possibility into your minds-eye, so that you can create your own visualised software program of possibility. This will give you your own unique vivid crystal clear picture of possibility to focus on daily.

Program your Mind
Use this exercise to program your mind to accept and believe in the possibility your future holds for you. The more vivid your visualisation is and the greater your belief in the possibility that you can actually make this real in your life, the greater is the likelihood that you will actually achieve it in the end. As you introduce positive visual images of possibility into your mind and you consistently update your mind with all the goals you can and will achieve. You are preparing yourself to commit to take the daily action you need to take, to translate your picture of possibility into reality.

What are you waiting for, before you start this crucial exercise? 2013 is your year for greatness, grasp it with both hands and make every moment count. You have only frustration and regret to loose and meaning and fulfilment to gain.

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Andrew Horton is one of South Africa's top sales training experts. He will support, uplift and inspire sales professionals to explore the limits of their potential and awaken the sales giants, which resides within all of them. His sales training presentation is aimed at inspiring sales professionals, helping them to become re-energised and eager to achieve their sales targets. The sales tools and powerful tried and tested practical sales techniques, they will be introduced to during his presentation, will help any sales professional to immediately up their game and to become a real sales giant, within their markets. Visit my website at http://www.andrewhorton.co.za/sales-training