What are visual aids? Visual aids are usually uses in presentation. It includes charts, slides, pictures etc. But in some situations there are no details about the visual aids because the whole thing is described through the visual aids. Nowadays, they are also using in blogs and article. By adding visual aids to your blogs and articles you increase them a new breath of freshness.

Visual aids support your arguments. It really helps the people to understand your concept by imagining the picture; you have putted in your article or blog. Visual aids can also be used to present information in support of your persuasive points. Just you have to focus on the places in your article where the visual aids needed actually. Visual aids can help you make variables relationships immediately clear to your readers using graphs and other visual techniques.

Different visual aids are suitable to different reading tasks, often the same information can be presented in many different ways. In addition to thinking about your readers’ tasks, you should also look to pick the type of visual aid that most quickly and dramatically communicates the evidence that supports your persuasive point. Just make your visual aids simple and sensible. In some cases more than one visual aid can make sense. Eliminate the unnecessary information from your visual aid and label the important details in your visual aid. Titles your visual aid, it’ll help your audience find the visual aids they are looking for and know what the visual aids contain when they find them. Titles typically include both a number and a description.

Sometimes, your introduction to a visual aid will have to include information your readers or listeners need in order to understand or use the visual aid. Whatever kind of introduction you make to a visual aid, place it at the exact point where you would like your readers to focus their attention to it. Title can be helpful in which you explain a visual aid’s significance as a special kind of topic sentence.

Each time I sit down to write a blog I try to look at this from the readers stand point first; as I have with this blog post. When I am sitting down to eat dinner at a restaurant and I look over the menu I am more often attracted to the items that are listen in color and look nice. Maybe it’s because I still have a 5th grade attention span, or maybe it’s because I have trained my mind to be more efficient and it’s quicker to look at a picture and decide than it is to read through each item on the menu.

Now this is an over simplification but the point can be very valid when trying to capture a reader and get them to stay with your thought throughout the entire blog post. The picture aspect of a blog can also add an element of multimedia you just can’t get with plain text. I have read several other blog posts in regards to this topic and I think this one listed on problogger is a good one worth reading: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/11/13/using-images-to-take-your-...

Visual aids add impact and interest to your article. They also enable you to appeal to more than one sense at the same time and increase the audience's understanding and retention level. With pictures, your concepts you present are no longer simply words but words plus images.
The idea with each blog post you do is to give good valuable content your reader will be interested in and they will see as informative and useful. Therefore; when placing pictures, do not just place pictures for the purpose of having pictures in your blog post, instead put pictures in a blog that provide a visual aid to further understand the blog.

Visual aids gives clear pictures multiply the audience's level of understanding of the material presented, and they should be used to reinforce your message, clarify points, and create excitement. When you use visual aids, their use tends to encourage gestures and movement on your part which explains better what you want to say to your audience. The use of visual aids is mutually beneficial to you and audience. I reposted a blog post written by Tyrell Gray a friend and business partner a few weeks back about a black penguin. His blog post he wrote was about how to stand out and be the “Black Penguin” and near the bottom of the blog he had an amazing picture of a black penguin. This picture in this post really helped me literally see just how powerful being one of a kind really can make a big difference.

Go find some amazing photos for your blogs. Share a link to your best visual aids in the comments below.

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