Skin lotion if, having high impact on the skin with high dairy product an overall cosmetic effect, it becomes easy for skin cosmetic preparation ant, and it leads users to save \ "Skin-care activities. Therefore, the milky white beauty product that can play both as a Skin lotion, skin milk, and the roles and who has an excellent stability of the net and then when it has a high water volume, low viscosity was considered to be a great challenge for scientists.

ACTIVE inventors have found that the specific copolymer of the skin located on carboxyvinyl polymer, and. Specific alkylene oxide derivative together to get the oil-water emulsion "Milk Skin cosmetic preparation, which reaches one of the cosmetic product is integrated with the skin lotion Skin Milk, has an excellent sense of use of non-stickiness feeling dewy, fresh and emollient feelings, etc., when applicable ) is an excellent stability with a milky white color, It has put an end to high water content and low viscosity, thereby completing the invention.

Water emulsified oil dressing ODA agent of the present invention shows excellent stability, with a milky white color, It is the end of a relatively large amount of water is a low viscosity. So, it causes the skin for cosmetic preparations for conveying water and the texture of the skin feeling dewy lotion with a milky creaminess. Which is usually achieved by Skin Milk. Water is added to the oil. Water emulsified cosmetic skin preparation of the percentage by weight, preferably from 55% to 80% by weight. If the water content is less than 55% by weight, the skin cosmetic product may be missing water texture and feeling dewy skin like lotion. Other However, if the water content exceeding 80% by weight, emollient skin feeling like milk can not be achieved satisfactorily.

Water emulsified oil dressing product ODA clouded the present invention, a milky white color. AS a white opacity in the cosmetic preparation of the present invention may be determined by measuring the results of the skin of a cosmetic preparation, obtained using a spectrophotometer L value (transparency, L is the value of nearly 100, this transparency has increased). Assessed by measurement of L is commonly used to measure the color difference. L value correlated with the turbidity of white, and so the value may be used as an index of white turbidity level. Skin cosmetic preparation of the present invention is preferably L value of 45 or less, more preferably about 40 or less is highly desirable, about 35 or less.

Oil in water emulsion, milky skin cosmetic preparations of this invention may also include, if necessary, any other additive ingredients commonly used in the external skin preparations such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, over the range does not affect the impact of this invention. Examples of such other additives components powder ingredients, oils and solid fats, waxes, hydrocarbons, higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, esters, silicones, anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, nonionic surfactants, water-soluble polymer thickener , coating agent, ultraviolet absorber, sequestering agent, less alcohol, polyhydric alcohols, sugars, amino acids, organic amine, polymer emulsion, pH adjustment, skin nutrient, vitamin, an antioxidant, an excipient antioxidizing, aromatic and water.

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