Everyone dreams to experience an amazing visit to the city of love; Paris. Its atmosphere, amazing views, great landmarks and the love in the air makes it the most sought traveling destination. According to the traveling freaks, the first visit to Paris won't be similar to the second visit but the stay and experience will surely be chic or beautiful. Let's find out the experience of visiting the landmarks with an escort girl in Paris.

Things to explore in Paris

Exploring Paris alone might sound a little boring but with an attendant or visiting the city of love with an escort girl may change your views. If an escort girl in Paris loves traveling and possesses all the necessary knowledge, you will surely be going to have a classic visit.

1. Eiffel Tower

The connection of Eiffel Tower and love is unique. All you need is to stand in front of it and look at the beautiful landmark. I ought to have a great experience and fell in love when I gazed at the beautiful architecture. The escort girl and I, saw many people proposing each other which surely changed the mood. We stayed there for quite long and the view was entirely amazing after nightfall. Eiffel tower was twinkling with more than 20,000 lights. Escort girl, Anna has a friend working in the restaurant on the 1st floor so we got reservation easy. Believe me; the dining experience will take the breath away.

2. Love Padlocks

Love Padlocks worth a visit. Pont des Arts is linked with Quai du Louvre situated on the right bank of Seine with Quai de Malaquais on the left side. The place is widely visited by the tourists because all of the couples vow there with love padlocks. You will see countless padlocks attached with railings.

I got to know that city administration passed a bail to instantly remove all the padlocks because the bridge cannot withstand the additional weight of padlocks that may increase every year.

3. Lights

It’s not just the Eiffel Tower that keeps on twinkling with lights but when the night falls, the whole city is enveloped with amazing lights. Do not miss the view of the sunset from Pont des Arts. We both had a nighttime walk and Paris won my heart. I was attracted to the beauty of Paris. The boat ride on the Seine and the sights Louvre and Notre Dame are mesmerizing. You can even dine during the boat ride.

4. Wall of love

Wall of love has been immortalized with different languages. it is a must place to visit for couples because it is exceptionally designed by renowned artists Claire Kito and Frederic Baron. The wall of love is situated on Hill of Montmartre that is naturally elevated up to 130 meters and is marvelously beautiful because of the Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

5. Food

If you are a foodie, you will love to dine. If Paris somehow fails to win your heart with its beautiful architecture, the food will surely do its magic. The true masters of art especially the sweet dishes, desserts, and patisseries will indulge you in complete pleasure. Patisserie Carette is highly recommended because it serves yummy macaroons and the best coffee.

Why Paris is titled as the city of love?

As always, Paris and love go together because every year hundreds of couples end up meeting, proposing or making promises near the romantic spot Eiffel Tower. The visit to Paris is wonderfully great and romantic because it is the perfect combination of fine cuisines, excellent wine, unspoiled history, intricate architecture surrounded by passionate locals. According to the locals and statistics, Paris is getting all the hype as the city of love because locals often show irony for romance and the place possesses most single people, high rate of divorce filed and infidelity.

Is Paris different from other countries?

Paris owns the highest number of visitors every year and the City of Lights possesses all the pitfalls similarly as any other modern city. The noise, traffic, high prices, dirty, litter, pickpockets and decrepit transport might bug a newcomer.


Do you still think that Paris is getting hype as a romantic place? The city of romance or lights owns a classic touristy and your every visit will let you explore new thing. The experience of meeting an escort girl in Paris will let you get all the necessary knowledge about the place and different landmarks. You will love every second of your visit.

Do share your experience of visiting the city of love with us below in comments.

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