Visioning Your Dreams

Many people at the beginning of the year propose and declare resolutions or intentions for the upcoming year. There are many ways to vision your dreams for the upcoming year. But before I go into depth about the ways to create one, you may want to ask yourself, “Why should I have a vision?” The why is much more important than the how.

As long as you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you will keep frustrating yourself at the end of the year and saying, “Well this year went by fast and I still didn’t …” If what you are doing and thinking is not yielding the results you want, than it is time for a change. A change in your beliefs that you can’t have what you want. Many people are afraid of their desires and stop dreaming because they give up. I see this so much in my work where people let go of their dreams because they have been denied what they want and are too tired to keep trying. We tend to give up because we feel it is no use and we don’t know how to let go of the blocks that keep us from achieving what we want. Since we don’t know how to let go of our limiting beliefs and blocks, most of us will give up on our dreams. We know how to do that!

But wait! There is a graceful way out of this abyss. You can create a vision if you can hold in your heart and head a picture of tomorrow that is better than today.

A vision can be defined as an intention and vibration that you set forth as a guide or a road map for you to feel and follow. The first step is to figure out what you want. Most of us know what we don’t want. Start there first. Anytime there is contrast in your life, you can use it as a signal to alert you that this is not what you choose!! From that point, your contrast will lead to clarity. I define contrast as anything that is not what you want. Once you have figured that out, it is easier to figure out what you do want. You are able to get clear and focused on your desires. Your clarity will lead to personal power. In other words, the power to create your life as you choose is in your grasp.

You have the ability to create your hearts desires by first of all knowing what they are and then believing you can have them. I believe it is easier to create a vision if you consider every aspect of your life: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Include things like relationships, health, money, career, fun, purpose, family, and friends.

One of the ways you can create a vision is to write one like it has already happened. Write a scenario of what you have already created in your life from the point of you that you are basking in the appreciation of it all. For instance, write a vision for 2006 like you are appreciating all of this year as if you are writing it at the end of 2006. This type of vision allows the universe to hear and know that you believe it is possible and the vibration you are sending out is one of knowing, not hoping. Your vibration is one of allowing because it has already happened. This technique is quite effective for being creative in your thought process. Dream away because you are the creator of your dreams and the master of your thoughts!

Another way to create a juicy vision is with pictures and words. Some call it making a “treasure map”. Kids love to do this especially. Cut out pictures and symbols and words of what you want to have in your life from magazines and glue them on to a poster board. Hang this up where you can see it everyday and allow yourself to see you actually living those pictures and words. Many people are visual and this technique helps you “visualize” the outcome very clearly.

Creating a vision with passion is a key. Whatever you do, create one that makes you feel fabulous and energized. Keep it up and in plain view everyday so that you can remind yourself of what you are creating this year (or already have). These images and thoughts create a vibration that is positive and focused on your outcome. I have done both of these techniques and 80-90% of what I envisioned, came to fruition. That is a powerful statement.

If you create a strong vision of who you really are and what you truly deserve, the rewards come very easy. Dreams are a reality if you believe they will come true. As Cinderella said, “If you keep on believing, a dream that you wish will come true”.

Burge Smith-Lyons

Author's Bio: 

Burge Smith-Lyons is president and CEO of Essence of Being, Inc. For more than 29 years she has been involved with the healing, learning and educational environment. Burge has facilitated workshops for personal growth and corporate seminars since 1980. She has led private and public venues in self-development, relationships and abundance for adults and children. She specializes in helping people identify their "Bubble Talk" — subconscious negative self-talk that blocks them from achieving what they want in life.

Burge is distinguished by the many modalities of learning she uses for personal growth and healing in her workshops. Her holistic mind-body-spirit approach includes conscious breathing, kinesiology, emotional release, energy release, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, anger-release work, channeling and Super Learning, accelerated learning techniques that activate both the left and right brain.

Burge is a motivational speaker and trainer, intuitive healer, family counselor and minister through the Universal Life Church and The Madonna Ministry. She is chairman and founder of The Healing Forest Foundation, Inc. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on experiential learning and the shifting of outdated belief systems that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional illness for children. The foundation produces one-week residential "Kidz Power Kamps" for children ages 6-17. She has brought interactive programs and self-esteem workshops to the Atlanta City Schools, Prodigy Learning Centers, and Alternative High Schools in Asheville, N.C.

Since 1984, Burge has owned many successful businesses. Currently she owns and operates Burge Enterprises, Inc., which consults, produces, and facilitates corporate trainings for team building and better communications. She is the vice-president and founder of Fresh Start Capital, Inc., a real estate investing and management firm that deals in residential and commercial investments. She has also consulted within the corporate environment in companies such as Georgia-Pacific, Target Stores, Xcellenet, Medical Doctor's Association and Thomas Publishing in the fields of customer service, sales, human resources and communication.

Burge has developed BubbleTalk technology and created DVD's and CD's to help people stay on their path of development. She also developed the Essence Series of personal growth courses: Essence of Being™, Essence of Abundance, Essence of Relationships, Essence of Health, Essence of Sales & Essence of Communication. These are 2 1/2 to three-day classes focused on experiential learning & shifting belief systems. She also developed a three-day graduate workshop called Passionate Manifestation and the five-day Advanced Graduate Workshop Mastery available to graduates of the Essence Series. She has graduates from around the world and training centers in Atlanta , Miami, Asheville, Boston, and Rhode Island.

Burge holds a bachelor of arts degree in the Communication Arts (Magna Cum Laude) and a T-4 Certification in Education from Georgia State University with a minor in Psychology.