Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there! Years ago, my brother, Warren, and I stumbled across a large circular patch of dirt in a vacant field near our home. Now, Warren and I were always going on adventures together to keep from being bored.

This large circular shape was quite baffling. Not one sprig of grass grew inside this circle. Warren and I had no clue this was a sign of a spacecraft landing in this field. Years later, we’d finally get the hint about extraterrestrials having landed in this field. Of course, we never made the connection between discovering three dead animal carcasses before seeing this circle. It was rather eerie viewing the remains of these dead animals, since all we saw was the hide and the head. No bones! Since I was the oldest, I went and got a stick to poke around, just to make sure, while Warren stood nearby. For some reason I can’t explain, I didn’t have Warren come near these dead animals. I guess I wanted to protect him, just in case something might be lurking under those animal skins, like a snake.

Soon after that, I had a vivid dream of going to someone’s house with my older brother, Marvin. We went into a basement where Marvin had me play a game on some kind of pinball machine. I don’t remember anything after that, because I woke up in the middle of the street in front of my house. I don’t know how I got there and when I tried to get back inside my home, the screen door was locked. My dad was in the kitchen at that time and he let me in. He assumed I got up early and the screen door had gotten locked on its own. Of course, I did tell him I had found myself in the middle of the street and had no clue as to how I ended up there. As for my so-called dream, I’m not so sure it was a dream. However, I asked Marvin if he had ever taken me to someone’s home to play pinball. Marvin gave me a look that clearly said, “NO!”

“So, what?” you may ask, “Does this have to do with God and the Book of Urantia?” As I’ve stated in a previous article, we are not alone! It is not just US that exists. There are vast worlds beyond our understanding where other living creatures exist and just because we can’t visit them, doesn’t mean they don’t visit us.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at