The article explains what virus protection is why it is not sufficient to keep your computer safe and secured from evil viruses and spyware etc. The article compiles simple and reliable information. Besides, it doesn’t favor or criticize any particular virus security program or purpose. In fact, it can save you from spending time and money looking for offline, online virus removal support options.

There have been great myths about anti-virus services. A majority of computer, internet users do not easily believe that they are not safe from virus threats as they have a strong anti-virus program installed on their computer. However, it’s not true as viruses are not the only threats and source of infection in this world but there are beasts like spyware, Trojans, bugs, worms, ransomware, adware, keyloggers, and rootkits among other malicious programs.

These programs are totally different from each other in terms of make and the goal behind their development. For example, spyware is designed to stay in your computer to spy on you and transmit all your activities to its client who developed it. So whatever you do on your computer like checking emails, typing banking password and making transactions, or shopping online etc. are all recorded and viewed by the spyware’s developer. He can even flood your computer with unwanted, annoying pop-ups or steal your confidential information without your knowledge and consent.

There is another very dangerous program called ransomware. When it enters your computer locks you out without your knowledge and consent. It captures administration rights of your computer and makes it dysfunctional. It refuses you to unlock it unless you provide the demanded ransom. Once you make the payment to the desired account, you will be given a pass code to enter in your computer and make it functional again. Now you must have understood how dangerous these programs and how they can trap you and derail your life when you are doing anything harmless like creating word files, emailing, shopping online, playing games, listening or downloading a harmless song\video, or simply surfing the internet.

Not just programs, there are hardware devices like keyloggers that are plugged in the back of a computer in order to steal the confidential information. A keylogger monitors and documents all the keystrokes of a user. Therefore, whatever you type using the keyboard, it will be recorded by keylogger. The intended person then can view and use that information recorded in keylogger as desired.

Now you can understand the perils involved in using computer (public and private) and internet. You must be taken aback by the fact that there are millions of viruses, malware programs available on the internet and many more are in the making.

It is quite common for users to face problems like annoying pop-ups, browse hijack (being directed to adult/advertising websites), and computer slowdown among other problems despite having a good anti-virus program installed on their computers. Unless your virus protection (anti-virus) program is an all-rounder, your computer’s (and ultimately yours) security will remain compromised. Most of us don’t even know how to make best use of our existing anti-virus. Seriously, this can reduce the risk of infection to a certain level, however not entirely.

One of the things that you must do is to update your antivirus program on a regular basis. Either do it manually or set it to download and install latest updates automatically. These updates are critical files that tell your antivirus about the behavior and potential risk of newly growing viruses, spyware etc. and thus improve your computer’s immunity.

Though it is critical to have an antivirus for guard against viruses, you must also look into perils caused by other types of infections like spyware etc. You must choose an all-rounder security program that is designed to protect you from all types of known and unknown threats. If you choose a program like that, you will have shell out a good amount of money for that. Don’t bother about the payment but do mind your security. It is a worldwide common interest that we die for free things without looking into the risks involved. There are various free security programs available online, however these don’t provide the sufficient level of security that a computer needs. Choose that best fits into your requirements without falling for free.

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