All in heaven, the House of God is immeasurable, indescribable and immeasurable. The name and symbol of the faith of God are different in immeasurable and invaluable Wisdom of thought.

Dealing with the pure calm of God is precious and priceless. To listen to the real name of faith is immeasurable in thought. It reached the mental faculties that can not be expressed in words. The lords, gods and prophets are the dealers of the oneness of God and immeasurable are a peaceful thought on them. The remains of the oneness of God and the people who are religious are really quiet in the infinite wisdom of thought. The seller of pure consciousness of internal autonomy is immeasurable in thought. Stock solar eternal of the Universe in many environments is immeasurable in the wisdom of thought.

Where life comes to different lifestyle is immeasurable in physics thought. The four sources of the physical origin of life that are like eggs in birds, the placenta as in animals, moisture as in the micro-organisms and seeds as the vegetation, does not come in wisdom of thinking. The current lifestyle in Physics is immeasurable in thought. The transition of the person during sleep and thought and moderation in the cycle of meditation and other lifestyle after death, are immeasurable in thought.

To express the love of God, Allah, the unity of God is immeasurable, thinking. Others wonder how the ritual of faith is immeasurable in state of mind. Saturation of life is immeasurable in thought. Meditation and consciousness are incommensurable in the atmosphere. Awareness of faith is immeasurable in thought. The satisfaction of the individual is not commensurate with the state of mind.

The wisdom of consciousness in mind is immeasurable in thought. Acceptance of subliminal impressions of the Spirit desires as pure seed Karma is immeasurable in thought. Karma Lord blessed one is immeasurable in thought. Areas Marks of God in the system and the galaxy of stars and the solar system and environmental systems and the various things and the individual are immeasurable in the mood.

Assessing the value of conscience in the silence of the oneness of God can not be discussed with words. There are statements of the people to know all in heaven - The House of God. The fact is that these are only perceptions and they withdraw from the project on the realization of Truth.

Virtues of the oneness of God and related matters of truth can be assessed in the unconscious thought. Speaking to several occasions on this issue with truth and love, thinking mind is dissolved, without interruption. These are statements of Guru Nanak, who is the founder of Sikh religion and venerated by Hindu and Muslim. (Japji Sahib 26).

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