Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, lots of races got cancelled and have turned into virtual races to stay connected to the running enthusiasts along with maintaining social distancing. Many people choose to run in the present scenario to test their fitness and live healthily.

Your objectives for running a virtual race will determine if you run it for fun and see how far you can cover the distance. These goals might rely upon how much time you spent training for the race and what is your current fitness level. Without any doubt, fitness is essential in the present scenario. Keep in mind that virtual races not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but also keep you connected with other runners and support the running community.

Importance of Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

The present scenario brings a drastic change in one's life. Staying indoors is the solution and having good immunity is an effective way. At the starting days of the lockdown, many people came up with innovative ways to conquer the lockdown boredom, but as the days passed, they got habitual to the atmosphere. But, one thing people have emphasized is fitness and healthy eating.

One of the finest ways to prevent Coronavirus is to build your immunity strong. Thus, the motivational activities such as running, cycling, skipping, yoga, and more come out with the fruitful outcomes. Jogging in the morning is good for a high metabolism rate and skipping for shedding those extra calories. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, respiratory, and overall health. Staying vibrant can also help you maintain your body weight, lower your risk for diabetes, heart diseases, and reduce the risk of cancer.

As gyms are shut due to the pandemic, not everyone can follow the gym routine at home. Thus, one needs to switch to simple workouts that are helpful in many ways. You can try out the following-

Pushups: Everyone is aware of it and can easily practice it indoors. This exercise boosts stamina and encourages your muscle's strength.

Yoga: It is a natural healing practice that increases your flexibility and keeps your immune system healthier. Doing it not only reduces your weight naturally, but also rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.

Running: There is nothing to make excuses for running. It is a better way to hit boredom as well.

Cycling: Maybe the old days are back like going to school on cycle, now the time is to maintain your body fit and fine with pedalling.

Sports: Even your family would love it. Spend your favourite timepass with badminton, volleyball, basketball, and more such games with your family members.

If you have made your routine filled with such energetic exercises, then you can inspire many by participating in exciting events happening in your city. Yes, the events are on- not on the ground, but virtually. You can browse for such virtual running events or cycling events through ticketing entertainment platforms where such events are updated, and one can register themself easily. You can experience the same at Citywoofer as well.

.Virtual Running Events: Plan the Perfect Route

Till the lockdown, some runners will be racing on their treadmills, while others would be heading through the streets in their neighbourhood. This is your race, get creative and pick a route that is suitable for you. Either you can run daily by allocating 1 hour for yourself or spend half of the weekend on your running practice. It works!

For your motivation, there are various resources available to assist you in planning the perfect and safe route, including Strava, Map by Run, and more. These applications feature a personal route with GPS capabilities. Make a note: always run with your phone and note down your steps at a particular time. It can encourage you to increase your steps and running practice time daily.

Virtual Races: Run Wherever You Want and Get Connected with Other Runners

Participants may be running alone, but they can still feel that they are a part of a larger group. Many events are getting organized for a social cause, such as education for poor children, in the form of rallies. The only difference is one can run for it from their home's comfort and share the pictures online with a social message.

Moreover, one can get in touch with thousands of runners who have participated and beautifully enjoying the fitness fun. Know how to participate in a virtual run, and how to grab its certificate or prize, stay updated to running communities' pages and websites for every information.

While you complete a race, you feel so rewarding to get a certificate to share with friends for what you have earned. Many individuals opt to compete in a race because they get encouraged with the winning prizes, and sometimes, their friends inspire them. You can also feel pride in completing the race by participating in the upcoming virtual running events and enjoy them.

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