There was a time when voice integration technology was considered more of a fad than anything else. It was similar to other technologies such as virtual reality and touch technology, which were both trying to start something new, but kept falling short due to a lack of support. They were not necessarily terrible ideas - it was simply not the right time for such types of technology to realise their potential.

Fast-forward to today, and you have touch technology being the global standard, virtual reality slowly gaining a cult following - and voice integration becoming so much more than what was advertised. The rise of Alexa as the premier virtual assistant ensures that voice technology has a place in society. Here are a few reasons why Alexa is worth a try.

Alexa skills are made to work with modern apps

When you consider just how much of an impact apps have made to contemporary society, it is no wonder Alexa has grown into such a success. The fact that it can successfully be integrated into apps through Alexa skills development means that the possibilities are endless. With the right developer and an innovative idea, you can make use of Alexa in a number of ways. Such advantages include:

  • Utilising Alexa for marketing. If you want creativity and innovation to rule when it comes to marketing campaigns, you do not have to look very far, as Alexa can provide the answer. Even startup companies can make use of Alexa skills to integrate their services through apps. For example, Tide has made a killing integrating Alexa into marketing their cleaning products by developing a skill where Alexa can help you clean hundreds of different stains.
  • Enjoying Alexa in the comfort of your home. Similar to interfacing your smartphone with smart TVs, Alexa can be used to accomplish all you want from your media experience with nothing but your voice. Whether it happens to be music, games, or even your home’s temperature, Alexa can do it.

Most importantly, Alexa is effective as a virtual assistant

While Alexa’s ability to make use of modern apps makes it an excellent choice no matter the scenario, one of the reasons why other virtual assistants fail is a lack of accuracy when it comes to dealing with requests. Many others have tried voice requests with varying degrees of success, but only Alexa has managed to be effective enough to catch the attention of its target audience. Without a doubt, if Alexa were not as accurate in voice recognition, even the use of Alexa skills and modern app support would not be enough. Fortunately, Alexa has all of the pieces to create a technological trend that will not slow down anytime soon.

From the use of Alexa in the office to having it in the comfort of your home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the premier virtual assistant. The best part is that most of its potential remains untapped, which guarantees a successful future ahead!

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