Marriage is the most beautiful relation that a boy and a girl get to bond in their life time. There have been new concepts introduced in the modern world, like live- in relationships, but marriages in India, has always been the most valued and the respected bonds. The people of India, may have adopted the modern methodologies, but marriage is a bond, which is linked with spirituality and the people of India, have a lot respect related to it. Marriage witnesses the union of two souls into one and sees that the bride and groom bonds with each other for the rest of their lives. To bind a couple into marriage, there are a number of rituals followed in Indian marriages. The marriages are said to cure all the problems of the bride and groom and they get a friend and a soul mate, which could stand by them in all the problematic situations for the rest of their lives. Before conducting the marriage ceremony, one thing, which is considered very important to happen, especially in case of Indian marriages is matching of the horoscopes of the bride and groom.

Matching the horoscopes is a very important factor, which decides the future of the marriage bond and the positive results of the horoscope match are considered as a go ahead for the marriage ceremonies in India. It is considered as a farsighted test, which judges the togetherness of the bride and groom for long. Though many consider it as a superstition, but most of the families in India, make sure that the horoscopes of the bride and groom matches with each other, before their wedding bond is fixed. This importance of the horoscope matching in India, gave rise to the urge for writing articles on horoscope matching of different sun- signs. Moving ahead with the articles now comes the turn of matching the horoscope compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius.

A Virgo and Sagittarius have many contradictory points in their behaviour and the way they take life. Their approach towards life is very different and therefore to let this marriage bond work, the bride and groom need to put in a lot and make adjustments accordingly. It's true, that both of them have conflicting personalities, but one cannot do without the other and if a Virgo and Sagittarius gets to bond well, than there are barely any chances, that any of the success stones are left unturned. The married couple in case of a Virgo and Sagittarius pair have a lot of love and respect towards the marriage bond, but the only thing required is that both of them should also learn to respect each other as individuals.

Virgo is popularly known as the perfectionist, therefore always seeks for perfection in his life partner, whereas the Sagittarius is a bit careless. Due to this contrasting attitude, they might fail to understand each other and also the Sagittarius will get irritated of the taunting behaviour of the Virgo. Their marriage bond needs a lot of grooming, which has to be nourished by the elements of love and care. They have to make a lot of efforts for being together and to make their marriage bond work towards happiness. The couple needs to have great tolerance power towards the problems and the negatives possessed by each other. Virgo's are much organised and think about everything very cautiously before they take a step, whereas a Sagittarius is very impulsive and irresponsible, due to which they need to have a very good understanding between each other to be able to lead a happy married life. One factor, which can add to their marriage compatibility, is that both have a very mouldable nature, therefore gets adjusted to various situations in life and makes it easy for them to live as an understanding married couple.

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