Clean environment makes the pathogens in general, virus in particular, have no "home", thus limiting infection. The environment should be clean and well ventilated. If the sun shines on it will have the effect of killing the virus very effectively. When necessary, in addition to general cleaning, a disinfectant should be sprayed to destroy virus. The environment is seen as the "home" of pathogens. Therefore, Virgin islands virus cleaning disinfecting sanitizing fogging service.

House (house, office ...) is the environment where people live and work, which is also at risk of virus pollution. Since virus is present in the air and especially surfaces, it is necessary to clean the house to reduce the risk of air pollution and surface pollution. Should keep the house well ventilated; restrict or do not use the air conditioner for stagnant air in the home. If possible, open the door to allow air circulation. Furthermore, sweeping and cleaning the house regularly. In particular, when the sun should open the door to ventilate and let the sun shine into the house to destroy the virus.

Items that need regular to limit virus infection are items with a high risk of contamination including items that many people use together: door handles, elevator buttons, stair handrails, shared phone buttons, shared table tops… even cash flow between person and other person; personal objects but with high frequency of contact with hands or face area such as cell phones, computer keyboards, desks and so on.

Items should be regularly cleaned with antiseptic solutions such as soap, alcohol or chloramine-containing solutions. With the outside environment, clean hygiene measures, good drainage, clearing of bushes. If pollution is suspected, it is necessary to spray and disinfect with 0.2% active chlorine chloride solution. If there is already a suspected virus patient, spray a solution containing 0.5% active chlorine.

Virus Disinfection Sanitizing Fogging St Thomas John Croix Virgin Islands

- Disinfect with common detergents such as multi-purpose cleaning spray available; or mixing household toilet cleaning solution (containing about 5% sodium hypochlorite) in the ratio of 10 ml of detergent solution with 1 liter of water to become a solution capable of killing viruses; or a solution containing 0.05% active chlorine after reconstitution. Note, only mix enough solution for the day.
- Priority disinfection by washing. Use rubber gloves and masks when performing cleaning and disinfection.
- Disinfect at least once a day for floors, walls, tables, chairs, objects, potentially exposed surfaces and toilets.
- Disinfect at least 2 times / day for frequently exposed positions such as door handles, stair handrails, handrails, elevator buttons, electrical switches, computer keyboards, controls remote, shared phone ... Pay attention to turn off electronic devices, light switch before disinfection.
- Arrange enough trash cans with lids, placed in a convenient location.
- Carry out daily waste collection and treatment according to regulations.
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