Do you know what virgin coconut oil is? Do you know its properties and benefits for your health? Do you use this wonderful organic product in your diet and body care? We are sure that if you don't use it already, you will be surprised by the many benefits it brings to your body. There are already many who have been encouraged to consume it and, therefore, we want to give you compelling reasons for you to start doing it too.

Its natural properties are perfect to lose weight, as well as to nourish and hydrate your body through its different uses both in food and in beauty. It is a very complete ecological product, so take good care of it and follow this guide that we have created to understand it and incorporate it into your life.

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What is organic coconut oil?

The coconut oil is produced as the name suggests getting coconut oil, that delicious tropical fruit obtained from coconut. It is food considered today as a superfood or "superfood" since it has infinite benefits and applications in our day today.

It is a food rich in nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene. Introducing it into your diet will help you reduce the risk of heart problems among many other diseases. The virgin coconut oil unlike the mass-produced keeps all its natural properties as does the virgin olive oil, it is not mixed with other refined oils which reduce their properties.

It is common to find it on the shelves of supermarkets but it probably does not carry the ecological label that confirms that its production is 100% natural, and this is what you should look for if you want to introduce it into your diet and daily care. The normal thing is to buy it in the past as if it were butter in a glass jar. Taking the amount you are going to use and heating it a little, it will become liquid and be ready to cook, pour it on your skin, etc.

More and more celebrities have shared their beauty tips and food supplements speaking positively about the benefits of virgin coconut oil, today many of us join in their daily consumption.

Benefits and Properties of Virgin Coconut Oil

It has medicinal properties with a unique combination of fatty acids. Organic coconut oil has almost 90% saturated fatty acids, that is, it is one of the few oils of vegetable origin rich in saturated fats that are good for your health. Saturated fats have always been considered harmful to health, but if it is a natural food such as organic coconut oil, on the contrary, they are good for our body.

It contains high levels of triglycerides that are very healthy, which help our body to store fat energy so efficiently. Organic coconut oil is frequently used to treat Alzheimer's and other degenerative diseases.

Organic coconut oil is recommended in many diets as a dietary supplement for its slimming power. The triglycerides present in this wonderful oil help us increase caloric expenditure when consuming it, so they will help us lose weight and fat faster

The Federal University of Alagoas in Brazil conducted a blind study in 40 obese female patients, in which 20 patients were given 30ml of soybean oil and 20 patients with coconut oil for 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, it was found that the women who took coconut oil reduced their abdominal obesity, all without increasing triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

If you consume organic coconut oil frequently, you will reduce your appetite and this will help you control what you eat more especially if you are on a diet. Thanks to the fatty acids that your body contains, it metabolizes them, causing the ketone bodies that are formed to help you reduce your appetite. It will also help you improve your digestion by preventing stomach problems, reducing heavy digestions, and taking care of your intestines.

Virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid. This acid helps the body eliminate infections such as bacteria or viruses that you can sometimes have in your body and that, sometimes, can cause diseases.

Organic coconut oil not only can be consumed as food but as we have pointed out before is a great ally in beauty treatments. If you massage the skin of the body and face daily with this oil, you will recover the normal water levels of your skin cells, hydrating it and making it healthier and more beautiful. You can also use it to hydrate your hands, feet, or even lips as it is a great skin restorer.

Your hair will also appreciate if you apply organic coconut oil, it helps to detangle, de-frizz, and hydrate it to give it more shine and health. You can apply it 15 minutes before showering, let it act, and then rinse it off well with your daily shampoo.

Thanks to the good saturated fats in organic coconut oil, you will naturally control your cholesterol. Saturated fats raise HDL (good cholesterol) and change LDL for a benign subtype, also helping to reduce possible cardiovascular diseases in the long term.

Just as you can use organic coconut oil to hydrate your skin and hair, it is also perfect for relaxing by applying it to your temples and giving yourself a gentle massage. Its aroma is calming and will help you reduce stress.

Organic coconut oil will help you heal any wound if you apply it daily, it has a disinfecting effect as well as regenerating the tissue. It is perfect for removing bruises because it accelerates the healing process of damaged tissues.

Organic coconut oil strengthens the immune system because it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid that have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. So consuming it frequently will help you to be more protected and fall ill.

You can use virgin coconut oil in your kitchen, substituting for butter or refined oils that we normally buy for cooking. It is much healthier. You can even use it to dress your salads.

As we have told you in this article, virgin coconut oil has infinite beneficial properties for your health. You can use it in your diet, in the care of your body, and even for cleaning your home.

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