What is viral marketing? It is not impossible at least it is considerably difficult. I think the explanation was decent for what television is the medium and in the assembly selected key ideas but taking advantage of unlimited space I have here, I expand on the explanation.

Viral marketing has existed since the beginning of time the human being. To give you a definition of homespun can say that viral marketing is all planned communication designed to be the members of your target audience who collaborate in disseminating, transmitting the message between them. In oral societies it came to give what is called word of mouth. Later with the emergence of the mass media seems to lose interest. And finally the Internet has raised the phenomenon but magnified as we can now transmit messages without limit of time or space and languages are virtually the only barrier between us really.

The second fundamental idea I tried to convey is that viral marketing campaigns are not designed in the abstract and without accounting to the target audience: the viral marketing preexist in the common characteristics of the group in which we want to spread our message. The communicator looks just what those features and designs the message and strategy diffusion for members of this group want to tell.

Probably many of you have heard terms like "let's make a viral" to refer to that try to make a video and post it on Youtube. If you heard that, most likely tambour know which is the most common result: a video that receives few visitors and very little interest from the public?

Certain characteristics of the target group make it more likely to get a viral effect:
•A group well connected, with close relations between them.
•A group that shares a common set of values to which they can appeal.
•A group that is the reference to other groups, so you can exponentially increase the recommendation of your message when you have sufficient critical mass (do not run out people they affect).

Of course, there are certain characteristics that should play a message to have the best chance of becoming viral marketing.

Simple - Best viral messages are simple and are built around a single idea. If the idea is not simple, is difficult to recall and explain.

Easy to repeat - The more effort required to move a message to another person the less likely it will spread. The ease of repetition in the network can be intrinsic to the message (a short text to a central idea is easy to count) or respond to the way it is presented. Most of the social web has taken note of this.

Unexpected - Customers do not usually talk about what marketing departments want but completely unexpected issues relating to the products or the brand. The most viral messages are completely unexpected. Zappos offers the possibility to return your shoes within 365 days after purchase. Very few people will return your shoes so late but the fact is unexpected enough to give that talk and also emphasizes the vocation of service (to make your customers happy) brand.

Persistent - Some ideas forcefully engage people and they become eager recomendadoras of it but for a very short period of time. Consider for example messages or linked to current fashion. However, there is an inflection point where the rate of expansion of a message is multiplied exponentially and that that point is reached it is necessary that the message persists in the minds of people (and still recommended) for a long period of time. Objects that can be particularly persistent and above are "easy to count" because they become part of the individual's image (this is the case of the Power Balance , which is what the chapter was skeptical)

Short Duration - This is not the virility itself but by the conditions in which we live. Our society saturated with messages and the time devoted to each of them is narrowing. Our message must be able to quickly use to maximize the chances that they share.

Organic - The most useful posts from a commercial point of view are based on some characteristic of the product, service or brand. No invents an extraordinary story to publicize a product or brand but it creates an extraordinary product with features that give that talk.

Furthermore, when designing a viral campaign substantiate consider the reasons why someone would bother to count your idea or recommend your product.

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