The website is a unique website that offers a YouTube to MP3 Converter. You can use this to convert the audio of a YouTube video online to an MP3, and download and save that file. This offers you a tool to save music or other audio hosted on YouTube permanently so you can access the MP3 without connecting to the internet or opening the YouTube website.

YouTube does not offer an easy way to save a local copy of any of their content, so you must log onto YouTube in order to view anything from YouTube. This YouTube to MP3 Converter can address that problem because you can now save the file permanently to your hard drive or smartphone.

Using the site is very easy. First, you have to go to YouTube and find audio that you would like to save as an MP3 file. Once you have found the video you would like to save audio from, just copy the entire address bar at the top of your browser. On a PC, you do this by highlighting the entire text in the address bar and pushing control+C. Now the YouTube address for that video is on your clipboard.

If you are using a smartphone, you can still get the link from the YouTube app. After you've opened the app and found the video you like, click on the "share” button, then click the "copy link” button. The link is now on
your clipboard.

Go to the website ViralConverter.Com - you will see a text box with "Enter a valid, supported site URL”. Click on this box and insert the YouTube link from your clipboard. On a PC, click on the text box and press control+V to paste the link. On a smartphone, click on the textbox and press the "paste” button.

Once the YouTube link is in the text box, select your audio quality. The 3 choices are low, medium, and high which have increasing file size and audio quality. Once you pick an option, press the "convert MP3" button. The site will now begin converting the YouTube video into an MP3, this may take a few minutes for a longer video. After the video is finished converting, there will be a box labeled “download.” Press this button, and the
file will begin downloading to your computer. Now you can open the file from a box at the bottom of your browser screen, then save the file wherever you like.

The limit to YouTube to MP3 converter is a 2-hour video, it cannot convert a video into an MP3 for a longer video. There are no limits to how many videos you want to convert, this site is free to use whenever you like,
and is always free of cost.

Currently, the site only supports videos from YouTube, but they are developing this site to work with Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other online video platforms. The ability to convert YouTube videos to savable MP3 files is an invaluable tool; you can often find content
on YouTube that is not available anywhere else, so it is impossible to bring that audio with you in the car without streaming internet. Now you can use this site to convert your favorite videos to an MP3 file, and take that audio with you everywhere.

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Johnny Fortune is an expert video editing professional. Always looking for the next big thing.