There are many edible wild plants in rural areas, most of which are tenacious and of tough vitality, such as dandelion and purslane. Although these wild plants seem to be common and even unpopular with farmers, they actually feature a lot of health benefits. They not only have certain nutritional value, but also are used as medicinal materials.

Viola japonica, which is probably strange to many people, can be used as a medicine as well. It can clear away heat and toxin, cool down the blood and reduce swelling. It is an essential raw material for Chinese medicine and medical chemistry. Viola Japonica can effectively treat furuncle and carbuncle. It can be applied on the affected parts to relieve pain and can also assist to treat tonsillitis with clearly good effect.

To many male friends, prostatitis is an unspeakable pain. Under the torture of prostatitis, many male patients have to urinate frequently, accompanied by burning sensation, pain, discomfort, fatigue, vomiting and other symptoms. Herbal treatment has gained public attention these years, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a pure Chinese medicine and can be taken to eliminate inflammation and relieve distressing symptoms. What's more, herbal treatment features no drug resistance or side effects.

The same is true of viola japonica. It is rich in coumarin, which is a kind of natural medicinal ingredient. It can enhance the antiviral ability of human body and inhibit the damage of various viruses to human cells. So viola japonica can be used to kill many bacteria and viruses that can result in prostatitis. Often drinking water with viola japonica soaked in can help to improve the body health. It can be decocted with salvia chinensis and plantain herb to make soup, which can effectively improve prostate diseases. Meanwhile, viola japonica can be used to treat many suppurative infections and lymphatic tuberculosis.

Besides, there are no toxic or obvious side effects related to viola japonica. But it belongs to herbal medicine with cold nature. If people overuse it, it will lead to diarrhea with varying degrees. So for those who are naturally sensitive to cold and often loose stool, they should take it moderately.

Viola japonica and other herbs can help to prevent many diseases. In daily life, these materials can be induced in the healthy diet. To better get rid of prostatitis, besides these options, male friends should notice their daily habits. They should drink more water and urinate in time. Doing more exercise is always encouraged. And they need to keep healthy personal hygiene and give up alcohol, tobacco and spicy food as far as possible.

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