When it comes to select the right type of flooring for commercial spaces, many factors are to be considered for a long-lasting effect. The consideration to be stand out is another thing for industrial sectors, and of course, the right flooring style plays its part in it.

Top 3 Factors of Choosing Flooring -

  • Volume of the traffic
  • Maintenance Needs
  • The appearance of the Floor

Healthcare Sector - Hospitals and Clinics

Gone are those days when healthcare sectors were all about the blank white space with blunt flooring and colour choices. For catering to the heavy traffic in the hospitals and also for a great appearance, vinyl planks are just perfect.

If you go through the collection of luxury vinyl flooring planks in Perth, you will soon find much resemblance with the hardwood flooring. Easy to maintain, these floorings do not have a clinical appearance at all.

Apartments and Studios

For apartments and studios where tenants from the different part of the country stay for a prolonged time and start considering it as their own home - vinyl flooring is just perfect. It would help if you had something in this sector that stands against time. It's quite attractive and functional.

The rooms get a hint of contemporary look instantly. Where the use of ceramic tiles for flooring always lead to cracking and chipping, vinyl flooring planks do not easily get damaged in the process. Moreover, things like that always happen in apartments and housings. So, it is always advised to go for vinyl floors for this sector.

Hotel Interior

There is no doubt about the fact that every hotel needs a touch of luxury in it. Moreover, vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the best option for making it work. To combat the volume of traffic, you need longevity on one hand and low maintenance on the other. And, vinyl flooring serves both the purposes.

Talking about the maintenance, you don’t need to use any wax, seal and chemical based treatment on vinyl flooring. The water resistance capability of waterproof vinyl flooring in Perth is also an added advantage. There are so many varieties in vinyl flooring available in the market. Therefore, you actually have a lot of choices in your hand to make sure your hotel gets the best makeover.

What are the Other Benefits of Vinyl Flooring?

There are other reasons too for which vinyl flooring planks are being extensively used in various commercial sectors.

  • It does not get faded or stained too easily
  • It does not take much time for installation
  • It leaves a sense of warmth and comfort inside the room
  • Along with the maintenance, the repairing cost also remains low
  • It's cost-effective yet has an attractive appearance. Which means it can leave you with a luxurious feel at a cost-effective price.


These were some of the highlights of vinyl flooring for different sectors. Now, as an owner, you have to choose the one among the wide range of collection to make sure it suits your purpose. Ask for specialised consultation if needed to make sure the flooring option you choose stands out to be the best.


Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert offering a collection of waterproof vinyl flooring in Perth and has decked up many commercial sectors with quality luxury vinyl flooring planks in Perth.