When looking for VILLAS IN SPAIN TO RENT for the best historical and beautiful destinations to visit, Spain tops the list. If you're one of those who enjoy the sense of romance that can be obtained from historical sites, then you'll love a romantic holiday for two in Spain. Here are some of the best choices of places to visit during the trip to Spain that have been shown to be a favourite for many.

Madrid is a must when you are on a trip to Spain. Madrid is really a great place to visit for many reasons. If you're a "night owl" then you'll love the night life of Madrid. This place comes alive when the sun goes down so it's a good choice for people in the party. Whether you are a fan of history or if you like things simple and straightforward, there are more than enough here to keep you busy and entertained. Two of the most popular places to visit, no matter what your tastes are, are the Museo del Prado and the Palacio Real. These two sites are among the first choice for holidaymakers when they are in Spain.

A tour of Spain would be not complete without a trip to Barcelona. This is the second largest city in Spain and is the capital of Catalonia. Although this is one of the most popular places are still a lot of exciting things that you can find to do. You can walk to Las Ramblas and then head to the Sagrada Familia and the end of the day by going to the Port Vell marina. Do not worry about where to stop for rests as along the streets are many cafes where you can relax out of the sun and plan your next sight to see.

Sevilla is a great place to watch because it has spectacular architectural structures to look at. Seville is in the province of Seville and the capital of Andalucia making it the centre of attraction. There are many arts and cultural activities to keep you busy and entertain your entire group. Do not miss the beautiful place where the Cathedral of Seville as this is really one of the best examples of the architectural wonders of Seville.

When looking for VILLAS IN SPAIN TO RENT remember that Spain is one of the best places to visit when travelling so make sure you add this to your list of places to see. The views are spectacular and the history and culture make it a perfect place to go.

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