Instagram is a social media platform that is being used by thousands of people around the world. It is the most popular photo-sharing app on both android and iOS devices.

Every Instagram user is every fond of using the best Insta DP for their profile. As their profile picture gives an overview of their account. But when they may send an Instagram friend request to other people, they may a problem. Instagram profile picture too small. They have applied this restriction on both mobile devices and websites for desktop. Follow these steps to view the zoomed Instagram profile picture of any user.

Firstly, get the username of the Instagram user and copy it or remember it. Now, go to Insta DP and insert the username. Once you hit the enter button, you will see the full-sized Instagram user.

You will even be given an option to save the photo in normal in HD quality. If you enter the wrong username and Insta DP of wrong will appear in front of you. So one must verify the username.

One can even extract the image from the source code of the profile page but everyone cannot use that technique. So we advise you to use Instadp instead of source code.

Active users change their Insta DP very frequently. So, do save photos of your favorite people on Instagram. It is a private tool and nobody will come to know that you have seen their profile picture. So feel free to stalk as many as people you want.

There is even another restriction on Instagram. People are not allowed to download photos and videos and paste them in the link in the comment section of the Instagram post. Maybe Instagram will lift these restrictions shortly but as of now, everyone will have to use third-party software or mobile apps.

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