As I get older I find myself realizing that how my parents disciplined me and guided me was pretty good. I must admit, at the time of my youth I thought they didn’t know me or what I was dealing with. Now I know better and can say thank you. Thanks Mom & Dad.
You see as we experience life, we get to accomplish tasks, goals and events as well as misguiding’s and mistakes. Some people say everyone fails, I prefer to say everyone makes mistakes. Failure only occurs if you don’t stop trying. As the Chinese proverb says; “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. We must keep trying; learning from our mistakes and steering ourselves back towards the right direction.
As Proverbs 3:21-23 says:

“My child, do not let these escape from your sight: keep sound
wisdom and prudence, and they will be life for your soul and
adornment for your neck. Then you will walk on your way securely
and your foot will not stumble.”

As I coach baseball teams, I often explain to players that are having difficulty with studies and discipline that they only see the hard work now directly in front of them. What their parents and coaches try to show them is the value of that knowledge and discipline that will guide them now and into their future. As youth, we see the road from the road level, but as we get older and become parents and experienced adults, we see the roads true path like a view from a helicopter. From a higher view we can see the twists and turns of the roads and the upcoming hazards that you may encounter if you continue down a road that goes nowhere. Often our faith is like that as well. We see the hard discipline now in front of us, but do not realize the values, strengths and potential our beliefs and faith can provide.

We all need to have faith and believe in something bigger than ourselves. I believe that God gives us that ability to believe in him and provides us with our true potential. However, we need to listen more intently to the suggestions, nudges and ideas that he places in our lives. This is hard, we get distracted and start to try and make these ideas fit onto the road we currently see. Remember, god is at a higher vantage point and can see the path of our road and what is ahead. Perhaps we should listen more and get to experience our true potential.

If you get a chance and want to see a great movie that exemplifies this, rent or buy “Facing the Giants”.

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