If you want to spend your vacation in Vietnam in comfort, ‘Vietnam Travel Tips’ will give you a compendium of information, advice and suggestions to prevent potential pitfalls. Before organizing to stay in the remarkable hotels in Vietnam, read this helpful information.

Taking care

Health and security matters are obviously high at the agenda for safe holidays. Neither is a important issue on a Vietnam holiday, but some common commonsense options can prevent problems.

Tipping and bartering

Very important are the aspects of the delicate topic of relative wealth. Vietnam is a poor country – a day’s pay for a middle class 'Westerner' is on a par with a year’s income for a Vietnamese farmer in a rural area. Si it’s not polite to show how much money you've or to put on a lot of jewelry with you.

Other Vietnam travel information

Vietnam is generally safe to travel country but just in case be careful at what regions you go. Be sure you've a business card from your hotel in Vietnam with you, so in case you get lost you could find it quickly.

What to bring and take back

Pay attention to the clothing you take on your holiday. Vietnam is a conservative country, so it’s not polite to wear shorts or short skirts, in addition to dresses which shows your shoulders.

If you want to take a gift for your family members or friends, you'll find a lot of souvenir shops providing a large array of standard wall hangings, draperies, robes are really sought after. Oil paintings, Silk paintings, Carpets, jewellery and leather items are also quite well-known.

Avoiding cultural faux pas

Try never ever to lose your temper in public or when bargaining for any purchase. This is considered a serious loss of face for both parties. When visit someone’s home it’s no polite to take a seat with the soles of your feet pointing against the family altar. It can be seen as a breach of national security if take photos of military installations or anything to do with the military.

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