This summer comes just around the end of the social isolation days due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, a new vacation helps family members, friends, colleagues in each agency, business will certainly be the ideal choice to balance emotions, renew new energy. same effect. Together with Khat Vong Viet Tourism, visitors will have unforgettable experiences this summer!

Viet Nam is one of the countries recognized by WHO and the world to have positive success in preventing, treating and treating Covid-19 epidemic effectively. After the epidemic outbreak, the state also created conditions for businesses to resume service activities, including Vietnam's tourism industry. Domestic tourism stimulus packages are applied by airlines as well as many travel companies to return to normal life, serving all travel needs of individuals, families or groups of tourists in the country. country.

According to tourism experts, Vietnam's tourism industry is able to recover faster than other industries. In addition, Vietnam currently has a large proportion of domestic tourists accounting for about 82.5% of total visitors in 2019.

Domestic tourism in Vietnam attracts tourists not only because Vietnam possesses many famous natural wonders, but also increasing travel services to meet all needs of vacation or exploring tourism. of visitors.

In recent years, the trend of finding relaxation in nature has become more and more popular. According to the 2019 Sommet Education Resort Trends report, around 87% of global travelers need to stay in luxurious places and blend in with nature. The common denominator of these destinations is the possession of green spaces, asymptotic mountains, or rivers and seas suitable for physical activities and health training.

Cruise is the ideal choice for individuals, families and groups

This summer comes also the end of the days of social isolation due to disease. Therefore, a new vacation to connect family, friends or members in each agency or business is an ideal choice to improve the quality of life and enhance creativity in each individual. , create maximum efficiency at work. Let's aspire to Vietnam to plan a trip to experience the sea to recharge young energy.

With long-term experience in the field of travel travel, Khat Vong Viet understands the psychology of customers when they have to "hide" during the period of social isolation. In order to bring customers full journeys full of joy and meaning, Aspiration Vietnam has designed quality tourism programs focusing on the most beautiful seas in the North and Central of our country. Flexible tours from 01 day - 1 week, depending on the needs of each customer group in the summer of this year.

When asked about the reason for building short-term experience programs in the country, Mr. Nguyen Ba Toan - General Director of Khat Vong Viet Travel Company said: "As a travel company with many years of experience in operate domestic tours, so Khat Vong Viet Tourism always masters the psychology of customers especially after the epidemic season like this year.The construction of short-term trips, concentrated at a certain beach has can simultaneously meet the needs of customers' leisure as well as safety for themselves and their families at the most reasonable cost.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Toan - General Director of Khat Vong Viet Travel Company

Mr. Toan said that most of the customers' needs choose a light and affordable vacation within the time allowed. Romantic beaches in the North such as Ha Long, Co To, Van Don, Quang Ninh, Cat Ba - Hai Phong or Central beaches especially Da Nang, Quang Binh and Phu Quoc are extremely attractive to tourists. heritage, local specialties.

“Khat Vong Viet Tourism promotes its advantages, takes customer satisfaction as a guideline for sustainable operation, maximizes resources to bring the most perfect service quality, helping customers have the The most memorable and meaningful experience this summer "- Mr. Toan shared more.

Khat Vong Viet Tourism possesses a team of professional consultants, guides knowledgeable about customer psychology, understanding of the scenic culture of destinations, drivers or enthusiastic attentive staff ... because So, customers when traveling with Khat Vong Viet Travel always receive satisfaction and an unforgettable journey of experience.

Leaders and employees of Khat Vong Viet Tourism Company

Along with 3-5-day tours for families, groups of friends or mass organizations, Khat Vong Viet Travel also offers a one-day tour to satisfy the visitors. Traveling alone or don't have much time.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Lam - 35 years old in Hoai Duc, Hanoi said: "My family just went to Phu Quoc with Khat Vong Viet extremely satisfied. We are satisfied with all the services that Khat Vong Travel Viet brings from consulting tour to registration procedures very quickly and conveniently.In the journey, the company's staff always take care of us almost from AZ, even taking care of the kids. The food is fresh, the hotel is luxurious, airy and clean Perhaps, this is the most complete trip we have had after the stressful epidemic days. tour to relax, do not have to worry about anything. And I will definitely become a "customer" of Khat Vong Viet Tourism ".

Quickly update trends and tastes of customers at each time. Put the safety and peace of mind on top, Khat Vong Viet has built high quality package services, many incentives and reasonable prices suitable for individuals, families, agencies. , unions, ... Accompanying with Khat Vong Viet Tourism, customers will not take time to learn about the hotel, price, food and transportation. The company is always committed to bringing you the absolute satisfaction, utility and comfort.

Increasing life experience to balance emotions, recreating new vitality, new creativity is extremely necessary work, especially after the end of the day of isolation is too boring. A summer beach trip with your loved ones will be an ideal choice not to miss!

With the success achieved, with the same criteria: "Quality is the foundation - Trust is the goal", Khat Vong Viet Tourism Company will increasingly develop, ensuring the best services. , the most professional, to meet all the needs of customers.

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