Success is not a destination, it’s a journey of discovering your passion and the efforts of being better at it. This discovery of passion to pursue as a career happens early and easily to some, while others have to take a longer route and discover the opportunities in disguise. Taking part in plays during Ganesh Festivals was one such opportunity that brought out the fine actor in Vidyadhar Joshi. From then he started his journey of being a professional actor.

“Understanding what my character demands from me and portraying it convincingly is a challenge”

Today, fondly known as ‘Bappa’ in the Marathi entertainment industry, Vidyadhar Joshi has created his own space among the eminent talents in the entertainment industry. In the latest edition of Insights Success a business journal, we got an opportunity to interview Vidyadhar Joshi on his journey as an actor, his opinions on the Marathi Bigg Boss reality show, and practical advice every aspiring actor must follow before entering the industry.

Read on the following interview to get an exciting sneak-peek into the actor’s journey and his experience in the Marathi entertainment industry as an insider.

What was your inspiration behind becoming an actor?

When I was working for National Chemicals and Fertilizers, I used to participate in plays during Ganesh Festivals. As our company comes in the public sector, I further got a chance to participate in plays and other events for the All India Public sector. From there I got a chance to nurture and hone my passion for acting. That was the start of my acting career.

As a versatile actor, you have left a mark in Marathi theatre, TV, and Films. How has working on these different platforms changed your craft as an actor?

Though the mediums are vastly different, there isn’t much change in craft. Understanding what my character demands from me and portraying it convincingly is a challenge. I try not to get into certain dialects or mannerisms for the role unless it’s necessary. Because when I’m portraying a character it should feel natural to the role as well as the audience.

Bigg Boss has been a popular reality show among TV audiences. Please share your journey to Marathi Bigg Boss and the experience inside the house.

The experience was interesting and at the same time enriching for me. When the opportunity of participating in Marathi Bigg Boss came to me, I was unaware of the process or pursuit of the show. But when the opportunity came to me, I decided to take it as a challenge. What I liked about the show is that the team has designed it so well. Your personalities and traits come out differently when you are in a certain situation. The tasks and games in-house test you on different levels. You don’t get these experiences in everyday life. And I would say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has tested individuals and industries around the world including the entertainment industry. How has been Marathi entertainment industry dealing with the current pandemic situation?

The entertainment industry, like any other industry, has been struggling with the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. If anyone has been hit harder by this pandemic in the industry, they are the theatre artists and people who work on daily and weekly wedges. I with a few of my colleagues have been contributing towards helping them throughout the pandemic.

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