For any business to work seamlessly, ensuring optimal levels of staff productivity is very important. And one modern day security instrument that has reaped just rewards is a quality commercial video surveillance system.

Not only does it prevent shoplifting, but also helps in proper employee monitoring. Being on camera, employees will work more proficiently thus enhancing the overall productivity. New-gen video surveillance and business security systems can be used for data security, measuring the efficiency of workers and also to stay in compliance with securities laws.

Ivan Scholes- a commercial security service provider in Toronto says:-

The demand for employer surveillance systems is increasing with every passing phase. And here are some relevant statistics to prove it.”

  • Around 82% of managers utilise some sort of electronic monitoring in their workplace/commercial set-up.
  • 63% of employers tend to check their employee internet activity.
  • 47% of employers keep a close watch on their employee emails.
  • 36% of them tend to check their computer files.
  • 15% use video surveillance to record their employee activity throughout their shifts.
  • 8% review their employee voice mail through monitoring and surveillance systems.
  • And 1/3rd of all employers are always under watch in their workplace.

Helps Create That Necessary Sense Of Supervision:-

Security cameras and surveillance systems placed strategically within the office space or commercial facility an added sense of supervision. Furthermore, access controls work with the cameras to keep track of staff and help identify those have gained access or are trying to breach a restricted area.

On the flip side, a building security monitoring and video surveillance in Toronto also help find out the employees during a fire, earthquakes and other perilous emergencies.

Another clear way of how monitoring and video surveillance does to boost employee productivity is by keeping track of their attendants. It allows the management/admin officials to find out those who are not punctual and henceforth are not living up the set expectations.

Using the evidence collected, the management team can always prevent substandard attendances by disciplinary actions and even make ground for strict actions (if the need is so).

They are also a wonderful tool to prevent other workplace hazards like taunting, stalking, sexual harassment and more unethical activities.

Achieving The Perfect Staff Monitoring Program:-

Brian Murphy- a commercial and loss prevention service provider in Toronto states clearly-

The monitoring system should always be crafted which can satisfy the employer’s need for information- while being less hostile towards violating the employee privacy.

He further shares tips to achieve a proper monitoring set-up.

  • One should be up-front and let the staff know that there are security cameras in the facility. Those who are honest won’t bother, but those with dishonest hearts will always be wary and discouraged.
  • Setting up a company policy which mainly focuses on improving staff performance, not as a means of humiliation.
  • Limit its usage in places like the break room, restroom or even changing rooms where employees can expect to get some own time.

Capping Off:

Reasonable video monitoring and surveillance safeguards the rights of employees, maintains a safe work environment, demonstrates law compliance and protects sensitive assets and information.

Most importantly, it keeps your employees in line and makes them focus on the task at hand.

For those who wish to reinforce their commercial security and boost up their staff productivity can contact a distinguished provider for video monitoring in Toronto and make all the arrangements. These service providers will be more than happy to help out.


Author's Bio: 

The author is a commercial security service provider in Toronto for years. And with that is also an avid writer who educates the readers with different posts on video monitoring in Toronto.