Video sales letters are very powerful because people can hear your voice, they can see the story that you’re trying to tell them, they can see your product, they can see everything in live action, and there’s a lot of things that you can do with video sales letters that you simply cannot do with just text. One of the most difficult things for people when trying to create their own video sales letters is where to start and how they should finish.

I am going to go over a few simple ways to set-up video sales letters and do it in one day or so instead of doing it over a period of time or making a lot of mistakes. Check out the continuation of this post so you can create video sales letter easily.

The first way to create a lot of video sales letter easily is by coming up with headlines for your sales letters. Instead of trying to write your complete video sales letter out what you could do is come up with a series of slides that summarize different sections of your video sales letter. So, you might do ten different slides for your video sales letter.

The first slide could be an introduction or a headline, the next slide could talk about the problem a lot of people may be having, that are reading your sales letter. The next slide could talk about you and how you had the same problem that they had.

The next slide could talk about how you struggled to find a solution to your problem and what you did and how you felt when you were struggling so these people watching your video sales letter could feel the same emotion. The next slide can be a one sentence, responsing that you finally found a solution that nobody else knows. The next slide could talk about the solution and how you’ve put it together and how easy it is for people to actually apply this solution to their lives. The next slide could be the name of your solution and how they can get access to it.

And the next slide could be the fact that your’re not going to be selling thousands of them, that you’re only gonna allow limited number of people to actually purchase this information. And then the last slide could be your price and then even your guarantee and then after your guarantee you can even put some bonuses in it.

So, if you do your slides in that order and once you get to each slide, you just read that slide and you basically just fill in the blanks some other concepts and ideas that can go along with that slide and then if you just continue to go along that way, while you’re recording it with a program like Camtasia. If you do that, it’ll be a lot easier for you to do a video sales letter than if you try to write the whole thing out like a script.

So, if you know about your topic or expertise that you’re trying to sell and you just come up with just ten to fifteen headlines and read those headlines and then basically summarize whatever that topic is, after you’ve read each headline, it will be a lot easier for you to create a video sales letter very quickly.

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