Oftentimes, we see really funny, romantic, touching and interesting video statuses on Whatsapp. Have you wondered where these videos come from? Do you also want to have a really funny 30 seconds video - be it romantic, sad, or punjabi whatsapp status video - circulated among your Whatsapp friends?

The answer is simple, you just have to follow this article where we will list the sites with the best videos to share on Whatsapp.

In addition, sending them directly to your contacts, videos are also useful for WhatsApp statuses. You can, in fact, choose to set a video in your WhatsApp story, which will be visible to your contacts.

WhatsApp statuses consist of a series of 24-hour videos and images can make your profile original through funny, romantic, short, catchy or musical videos.

Where to find videos for Whatsapp

Below, we want to talk about some sites and simple methods to find funny videos that you can download or directly share with your friends WhatsApp.


If you want to share videos on Whatsapp, FunnyPlace is one of the most recommended sources. This site (which you can consult directly with smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad) is characterized by many videos, mainly commercials. You can choose them according to the sections in which they are divided: funny videos, brands, weekly most viewed and monthly video archives. To make it easier, you can simply search for a video you want, through the search bar.

To view a video just click on it and it will appear, then you can share it by clicking on the item "Share". Continue by choosing the Whatsapp icon and then it will be up to you to decide who to send it, as you can see the procedure is very easy.


The king of social networks can not be missing from our list. Here, here funny and original videos are can be found. There are several pages that offer not only memes and phrases but also videos.


Everyone knows Twitter is one of the social media platforms where you can get interesting videos – whether sad or happy, short or the moderately-lengthy. It is not the most fashionable social platform but it certainly isn't among the worst. Here, you can find videos or video sources for WhatsApp which you can save to your device or share.


For some, it is the most social media platform at the moment. In a continuous expansion, it has recently added the ability to post not only photos but also videos and are becoming increasingly popular. To find them just look for the hashtag #video, or use direct links.

Download videos for WhatsApp from websites

As for Android, the process is very easy: thanks to browsers like Chrome you can save any type of video and then you just have to click on "Save Video", so the videos will be stored in your Whatsapp gallery and will be ready to be published or shared with friends.

As for iPhone and iPad, the procedure is completely different: in this case, we recommend downloading applications. Simply write on the App Store "Video downloader" and you will find many, that are free and others that are not.

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