If you have heard of the company Vidacup and are interested in the product and business opportunity, there are a few things you should know before jumping in to this opportunity. Vidacup is a network marketing company that uses coffee and energy drinks as its main selling product. Vidacup creates a business opportunity for anybody that is tired of the same old nine to five grind. Learning how a network marketing company works is crucial in succeeding in this type of business. After you join the company, you have privileges to the product, being able to buy it at a reduced cost. You make most of your money through selling and recruiting people.

The Company and Product

Vidacup was founded by a group of successful individuals with the same goal in mind. Vidacup was launched in 2012 and is based out of North Carolina. Vidacup sells organic coffee as well as other energy supplements. The company has already generate over one hundred million dollars and sales and is continuing to grow, making Vidacup a well-established named for being so new to the industry. Vidacup uses a special strand of mushroom concentrate called H1X1 and has three coffee products made with this strand.

The first product is called Ageless Brew and is a creamy low calorie coffee.

The second coffee is called Xtreme and is a vitamin and herbal enriched energy drink that produces energy using all natural ingredients.

The third product from Vidacup is called Mo-Joe and it combines the creamy latte taste of Ageless Brew with the natural energy of Xtreme to create a nutrient enriched energy/coffee combination that proves all natural ingredients can taste just as good, if not better than synthetic materials.

The Business Model

The company Vidacup is a multi-level marketing company. What this means is that once you join this company as a team member and business owner, you pay an initial fee and monthly purchase of the products. You earn money by selling the coffee and energy drink as much as possible to earn a percentage of your sales. You can also earn a residual income by recruiting members to open their own Vidacup business. Using the internet to do this allows you to reach millions of people just by using your computer and a little bit of knowledge in the industry.

The Internet Opportunity

The current era we live in allows us to connect with people all over the world instantly by sitting infront of a machine and typing into it. Taking advantage of this is exactly what Vidacup business owners are doing and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Using the internet as a tool for your business will allow people to see your product from places you could never imagine.

A good idea and investment in to your new business is learning how to blog and generate traffic to allow you to sell the maximum amount and recruit a team of successful Vidacup business owners.

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