There are a number of ways in which someone can see themselves, and while some of these ways are empowering there are others that are not. For example, if one was to see themselves as someone who is successful, it is likely to have a positive effect on their life.

However, if they were to see themselves as someone who is not successful, it is likely to have a negative effect. Still, if one was saw themselves in this way and then started to change their life, it could be said that they are simply facing reality.

The First Step

Through being able to acknowledge how their life is, it will gradually allow them to do what they need to do to see themselves differently. But if they were to see themselves as someone who is successful when this is not the case, they would simply be in denial.

Their life wouldn’t improve and there is also the chance that it would end up getting even worse. And even though they will be able to ignore their reality from time to time, there will also be times when they have to face the truth.

Another Outlook

At the same time, one could be in a position where they see themselves as a victim, and this means that it will have become their identity. One way of looking at this would be to say that this will end up holding them back in life.

This is primarily because one is likely believe that the world is against them, and that their life never goes how they want it to go. What this is going to show is that one will feel as though they have no control over their life.


It is then going to be normal for them to believe that they can’t do anything to change their life. As a result of this, it is not going to going to be possible for them to move forward and to achieve their goals.

It could be said that this will lead to a frustrating existence, and the sooner one starts to change their outlook the better their life will be. Clearly, their life won’t change overnight, but it will change as long as they keep going.


When they meet people for the first time, they could find that it is not uncommon for them to receive positive feedback. During this time, they could empathise with what one is going through, and they could give them advice on how to turn their life around.

Yet if these people were to spend more time with them, there is a strong chance that they would soon start to lose their patience. They could come to the conclusion that one doesn’t want to change, and they could see them as an attention seeker.


Thus, in order for them to look after their own wellbeing, they will do what they can to avoid them. The people they are drawn to are likely to be people who take responsibility for their life, and this will have a positive effect on their life.

Their energy is then not going to be wasted on people who are not interested in changing their circumstances. And as we end up like the people we spend most of our time with, it could be said that there will be no reason for them to spend time around these kinds people.

Black and White

Based on this, it could be said that there is going to be no reason for someone to act like a victim. Ultimately, it is not going to have a positive effect on their life, and so the sooner they create a new identity the better.

However, what this overlooks is the fact that there are many benefits to being a victim, and this is why there can be no reason for someone to change. As if this wasn’t the case, then there would be no reason for them to have a victim mentality.

A Deeper Level

If one was able to get in touch with why they view themselves in this way, they may find that it is what feels comfortable. They may wonder who they would be if they had a new identity, and this means that it is seen as who they are.

There is then the chance that there was a time in their life when they were a victim (this could have been during their early years), and this then have meant that it wasn’t safe for them to embrace their personal power. So although they are no longer a child, they can still believe that they have to stay powerless in order to survive.

Playing the Victim

Through disconnecting from their own power, it then set’s them up to victimise themselves as opposed to being victimised by others. If one is out of touch with why they experience life in this way they will feel like a victim, but if they were to realise why this is taking place they would see that they are allowing this to happen.

Nevertheless, not only will this be what feels comfortable, it will also allow them to receive a lot of approval. They can end up receiving a lot of attention from people in their personal lives, and from people on social media, for instance.


If one was to go online, they could end up aligning themselves with other people who also have the same mentality. Through doing this, it will give them a sense of control, and they may even end up receiving special rights or privileges.

Ergo, playing the victim can allow them to receive what they want in an indirect manner. This doesn’t mean that people or organisations will give them things because they believe that they are a victim; what it can come down to is that they don’t want to look bad, or that they feel guilty.


It doesn’t take much effort to see how far people can go in today’s world by having a victim mentality. A lot has been said about how certain university courses set people up to see themselves as victims, and this can then show that a certain agenda is being carried out.

If one has a victim mentality and they want to embrace their personal power, they may need to work with a therapist.

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