The call center businesses highly rely on the call center software. There are many call center solutions available in the market, but only some of them actually live up to the expectations of the call centers. VICIDial is one of the popular call center solutions in the world. It is open source call center software and that is why it is in more demand in many countries. The VICIDial: Call Center Solution has many features, but still it misses many compelling features.

There are many companies that have adopted this open source call center solution. It has all required features to take care of the basic call center campaigns. However, to beat the competition, the call centers need more advanced features which are not available in this call center software. The companies that have mastered this open source call center software have developed some ready to use modules. These modules can be integrated in this call center solution within no time and the call center can start using the power of advanced features in the VICIDial: Call Center Software.

There are many ready to use add-ons available for this open source call center solution, but some of the must have modules are briefed below:

1. Advanced Security Add-on

Just like any other online software, VICIDial is also prone to attack by hackers. This can put the business and its reputation on stake. The advanced security module makes sure this call center software stays protected from any type of hack attack. It adds security mechanisms for SIP server, SIP application and at the system level.

2. Sticky Agent

This is one of the best call routing rules available in a majority of advanced call center solutions. It makes sure the same customer is attended by the same agent every time. This call routing rule works amazingly well for the support centers and leads nurturing centers. The default version of VICIDial doesn’t have this feature, but it can be integrated by using a ready to use the module.

3. Graphical Reports

Reports are bread and butter in any industry and it becomes even more important in the call center industry. The default version of VICIDial: Call Center Software provides tabular reports. However, the tabular reports are difficult to review in many cases. The VICIDial experts offer a ready to use module of graphical reports. Once this module is integrated, one can see the reports in a graphical format. These reports are much easier to review and use. Also, the graphical reports work really well to show a presentation to the users.

These are the top 3 features which are indeed a need for the call centers. Apart from these 3, there are many interesting ready to use modules available for the VICIDial: Call Center Solution. The call centers can choose one or more modules based on their competition and business model. The VICIDial modules are really helpful to add additional functional capabilities in this open source call center software which can help in leveraging many benefits to the call centers.

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