VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions. It is provisioned with an amazing range of features and it is available completely free as it is an open source solution. This makes it one of the most widely used call center software. The missing features of the call center software can be easily added with VICIDial customization. In fact, there are many popular feature modules which are available as ready to integrate add-ons. As VICIDial is so popular, there are many amazing VICIDial customization services available to make this solution even more powerful. One of the as such service is call center CRM integration for VICIDial: Call Center Software. In this article, we will share more details about the VICIDial integration with a CRM system.

What is VICIDial Integration with CRM system?

The VICIDial experts integrate a CRM solution in the VICIDial: Call Center software. Once the integration is done, the major features of the CRM solution can be accessed within the VICIDial: Call Center Software.

Why to integrate VICIDial with CRM Solution?

The CRM system and call center solution are generally used in all call centers. To fetch information from the CRM solution and to attend the call, the agents need to switch back and forth between these two systems. The VICIDial integration with a CRM system eliminated this operation of switching back and forth. This will save a significant amount of time for the call centers. Also, this can eliminate errors which generally take place while agents need to make entries in different systems. It also saves resources and other investments otherwise invested to maintain and use two different solutions.

The VICIDial integration with a CRM system is popular because it helps businesses in many ways. It helps in keeping data up to date all the time in both systems. The expert VoIP companies integrate VICIDial: Call Center Solution and CRM system in a way that it saves server resources as well. The companies can also get the logs of all changes made in the CRM system as well as in the call center software, VICIDial to track the actions made by different agents or supervisors.

Which CRM solutions can be integrated with the VICIDial?

The VICIDial experts can integrate any CRM system with this open source call center software. Whether it is an open source CRM software or a third party proprietary CRM solution, it can be integrated within the CRM system. The VoIP companies which provide the VICIDial integration with CRM solution shared the most popular integrations which are listed below:

• VICIDial vTiger integration
• VICIDial Zoho integration
• VICIDial SuiteCRM integration
• VICIDial SugarCRM integration
• VICIDial Salesforce integration
• And more

The VICIDial integration with CRM software adds added capabilities in this open source call center software. It is always advisable to use the service of the VICIDial expert or a reliable VoIP company so the best integration process can be done in favor of the company that is going to use the CRM integrated VICIDial solution for its call center operations.

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