Objects of this invention and the process of continuous emulsification equipment, a precise measurement of the viscosity of inline production conditions are controlled automatically, and continuous production method of the type of process cheese and equipment. This invention provides a method for continuous production process cheese type of cheese that ingredients are mixed and agitated with all the intensity of agitation by agitation bar 4 and the heating of the vessel, which is applied with a fixed back pressure, the process cheese type is flowed and submerged in a barrel with a 7 period, and so the process cheese type is cooled and then cooled process cheese type is molded and complete and process cheese product 13 is produced with an oscillation viscometer transducer type of cheese during the process of holding or cooling the transducer is not directly in contact with the process cheese type

Many online viscometers were used for measurement of agitation torque, pressure drop on the transfer of processed cheese, and as has been measured to evaluate the viscosity of melted cheese. For example, the estimate Published Japanese Translation No. H9 502,886 PCT international publication by the viscosity measurement device built-in web measured pressure drop. Japanese Unexamined Patent Application First Publication No. H11-221016, Vibration viscometer probe tip contact with the process of cheese, and thus the viscosity is measured.

However, the traditional methods of viscosity measurement method, a process cheese viscosity is determined by the pressure drop cheese, or agitation during torque transmission is not easy to measure the correct viscosity. Some type of cheese produced in the process of controlling the manufacturing conditions according to the accurate viscosity, it is possible that the process of cheese desired quality (for example, see the following comparative example).

In addition, when attempting to measure the cheese, using an online viscometer variations, transducer (probe), viscosity, because the cheese takes the transducer (probe) and the viscosity measurement is not possible, it is very difficult to measure the viscosity of the Internet processed cheese.

Given the above-described problems, the object of this invention is a continuous process of heating and emulsification emulsifying process cheese type of continuous, accurate measurement of inline viscosity is obtained and the conditions of production are controlled automatically and the software, so the continuous method of producing cheese type and process equipment.
Disclosure of invention

For objects, this invention provides a continuous process of emulsification process cheese type series are conducted, the process comprising heating and agitating, emulsifying process cheese type but with the intensity of agitation propaganda machine, ship, and the process cheese type requested by the vessel is heated to a back-pressure, holding process with a heated process cheese type on time, and when heated process cheese flowed into the tube and the cooling process, cooling process is stored cheese

a transducer oscillating viscometer immersed in a process cheese-type control or the cooling process, the inverter does not directly contact with the process cheese type and agitation device that agitation intensity and / or back-pressure heating process, the vessel is adjusted so that the detected value of the transducer is immersed near the target value that is set in advance, and thus, the conditions of production are controlled automatically process cheese type emulsified, the viscosity of the process of holding during or after the chilling process, the cheese becomes almost the target viscosity.

Continuous emulsification process, the process cheese type, it is desirable that the inverter oscillation viscometer immersed in the process cheese type converter to be coated with a coating material in advance so as not to directly contact the process cheese type.

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