When monsoons arrive our roof tops are affected. Everywhere there is water. Houses etc become wet and those that are being constructed witness cracks in their walls. Ceilings have to be covered. The house walls have to be plastered aptly. When the roof tops are hampered repairs are needed. In summer too this happens. In summer hot air is experienced. Storms arise and roof tops are attacked. Roof tiles too go haywire. Before rains arrive farmers repair their tiles. Broken materials are mended properly. He who can repair that which is broken and appease those who are angry is a truly wise person. Broken objects need not necessarily be thrown away generally. Instead they are duly repaired. If this is not done and broken articles along with torn clothes are always thrown to the garbage bin, it can prove to be very expensive. Repairs are a must.


God who has created this world is known to ‘repair’ this world when required. In nature’s cycle things become tattered, dirty and aged. In the morning after our bath our body is fresh but by nightfall it becomes dirty and tired. Today the clothes are washed and clean but tomorrow they will become dirty. This then is the cycle of world creation. This cycle is so strange that everything gets old and tarnished. Breakage takes place. Distortions set in and they need mending time and again. It is as important to repair things as is important to create new materials. This entire world too required repairs. We do not know why this cycle of things getting distorted jumps up by leaps and bound. In order to control this world when it gets distorted and withered it creator has to take birth. Again and again Almighty God needs to participate in the world’s management and after repair is successfully executed God leaves this world.


In this world imbalance sets in again and again. When this happens the divine creator in order to bring in a semblance of balance in this world along with his divine powers and aides takes birth. In the Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna vows to manifest in this world and this vow of his is irreversible. Again and again this has actually happened:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamayaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.

Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.


In every era Almighty Lord takes an Avatar. How does god manifest and for what aim? Maybe once I had told you that how an Avatar takes birth. The Lord takes birth in that very form in tandem with what type of things exist, what type of problems are there and what type of solutions are required in those contemporary times. Amongst you people, a few maybe aware of Homeopathy medicines. In this mode of therapy that very poison is administered into the body which the latter manifests on becoming ill. As a result of this poison being administered again a reaction takes place in the body which helps the patient regain good health. This is like ‘Vishasya vishamaushadham’ or medicine to overcome poison is poison itself. As per distortions manifesting in this world, their solutions also emerge. Medicines are unearthed based on the type of disease setting in the body. Depending on the type of war, weapons are designed accordingly. At the time of designing rifles, rifles were required. At the time of using sticks, sticks were required. During the era of swords, swords were used and the same holds true for arrows. Today in order to ward of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs are being used.


As per materials and circumstances prevailing distortions that set in require solutions for which apt means emerge. Lord’s Avatars take place on this maxim. If you look at the chain of Avatars manifesting there was once a time when everywhere poverty reigned. In order to ward off poverty and reinstate grandeur demigods and demons cogitated together that instead of in fighting and leading indolent lives why not work hard in a cooperative manner? If we work hard and help each other all of us will become wealthy. When both parties decided that that would attain wealth of the ocean then Almighty God too mulled that in order to ward off poverty and sorrow of the world efforts are being made, I too should cooperate. In order to help God incarnated as Kacchap or turtle. Lest god had not incarnated as a turtle, lest he had not helped the Mandarachal Mountain via which the ocean was churned and which cannot stand erect in water would have entered Patala or hell and formed a gigantic crater. Thus it could not have been used as a churning rod to churn the ocean so as to get jewels etc from it. It required an axis. To solve this problem God incarnated as a turtle.


Later we see that time and again as per needs the Lord manifests in exactly that form. Over here I cannot detail all 24 Avatars of God but by giving examples of 2 of them I desire to prove that God manifests from this standpoint that in order to solve contemporary world problems he chooses an apt path. Once there existed a demon. He was called Hiranyaksha. What did he do? As per Indian Puranas or Mythology he gathered the wealth of the entire world and entered the ocean. Deep down in the ocean he dug up a gigantic crater and buried the looted wealth there. Wealth i.e. Goddess Lakshmi got depleted as a result. The Lord decided that Lakshmi should be brought out from the ocean. How should this be done? God took the form of Varah or boar that can walk in the ocean water and on land too. He went there in both ways and killed Hiranyaksha. With the help of both his canine teeth God Varah by digging land got the buried wealth which the entire world required.


After Lord Varah many Avatars manifested. Who were they? One was called Lord Narsinha. What did he look like? There was a demon called Hiranyakashipu. He had attained a boon that no human can kill him in enclosed surroundings or in open ones. No human could kill him with weapons or things like knives etc. He could not be killed in day or night. He had shut all doors to various modes of killing him. Hence Almighty God incarnated in such a way that this problem could be solved. He took such a form which was neither fully human nor beastly. His name was Narsinha. Thus he incarnated as such an hour which was neither day nor night. What was this hour? It was dusk. Thus Lord Narsinha sat on the threshold which was neither closed nor fully open. He used neither weapons nor knives etc. instead he used his sharp nails. With his nails he tore apart the demon’s stomach and thus the problem was overcome.


As per the problem at hand God finds solutions accordingly. When in the world a large scale operation is required, when it was realized that the tumor of cancer cannot be cured without surgery, Almighty God manifested as Lord Parshuram. In this form he carried a knife with which he started cutting. This was the only cure for problems prevalent the world over then. Later times too appeared. Once, God took an Avatar. Which particular form was this? It was the highly ethical Lord Ram. At that time people were unruly and without discipline. They crossed all limits of good behavior. They mocked all human/ethical values and desisted from walking on the path of goodness. At that time Lord Ram incarnated with a very ethical character. Later people started imbibing discipline and human values. It in fact became a very part and parcel of their lives.


After Lord Ram, Lord Shri Krishna incarnated. What was the difference in the latter’s Avatar? The difference was of Purna Purusha. How can an Avatar be a Purna Purusha? Purna Purusha is known to see discipline in both ways. He sees the goal and not the means. He uses both good and bad means too. With bad people Shri Krishna used foul means and with good people he used good means. This then is a Purna Purusha who with right means too fulfills the goal and where required while dealing with tainted people he used wrong means too. This is the crux of politics and righteousness. This is the method used by Shri Krishna also called Purna Purusha.

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