What does this have to do with cheap airfare? This is a key factor in the companies make a profit or break the company.

Oil is currently past $100 range and the word "cheap" is a relative concept. The best we can hope for now is "cheaper" airline tickets. Still good deals out there in relation to the market.

So, here's how they are.

1. Get a lay of the land. The overall picture. Use a meta search engine such as booking reservations Buddy to get an idea of current prices. Knowing that the average price to your destination will give a benchmark to help determine if you are in a good deal or not.

2. Better early. Better late. Book your tickets sooner or later, is the best way to lock in an agreement. The airlines are eager to fill the seats - especially in the offer at the beginning of a flight or near the end. Plan your trip accordingly.

3. New Kids on the Block. Consider using a new implementation of the airlines. They are trying to enter the market and give the profits to do so soon.

4. Airline websites. Some airlines offer special deals, offers and other incentives, not to publish a large mobile engines. Find them - you would be surprised what you'll find.

5. Alternative routes and nearby airports. It is usually more than one way to get there. Some of these other methods are less expensive. Consider this, if the country is not a problem for you.

6. "You dream about it?" Look at the combined rate of packages and hotel. You can save money on both. But even if you just save at the hotel, which reduces their costs to travel together.

There you have it, six ways fast, you can save on your next flight. Use them whenever you travel and you can put hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pocket.

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