If you've constantly searched the web to uncover techniques to jump higher or step up your vertical jump, you fast realize that everyone is suddenly an expert, telling you how to boost your vertical leap. The problem is, most of these experts aren't always giving you the full story.

I put together a quick list of some criteria that might be helpful in deciding which vertical jump program is right for you.

Vertical Jump Program Criteria
While seeking a top jump program, it is important to identify the factors most relevant for you. Take a look at the possibilities below and see which ones speak to you.

  1. Can you afford the product?
  2. Is there a promise of a minimum increase (in inches) on your vertical?
  3. Do you think the support is sufficient?
  4. Are supplements of any kind used? Do you want to use supplements?
  5. Do they give you different training routines for different sports?
  6. Do they have a free trial or money-back policy?
  7. Do the testimonials include athletes/people like yourself?

The most important factors above will depend on the individual. Each person should determine which factors they believer are most important, and then start researching the major vertical jump programs.

Vertical Jump Program Choice
A great place to start learning more about effective programs is to talk to you teammates, coaches, or do some research on the web. Lots of folks will gladly tell you their experience. They may even help support you once you have purchased and started following a program.

Without hesitation, you need to make a quick inventory of the top three or four programs -- the programs that pass the factor test above. You can decide how to weight each factor. Once done, head on over to the each separate vertical jump website and really take a look at the program and offering. Is this something you can see yourself doing on a nearly daily basis? Are you excited by the prospect of getting started? Do you have a good feeling that the workouts/exercises will increase your vertical? How is the value? Value, without question,is one of the most important elements. Still don't only look at value (or total price) when determining the right program for you. It would do you good to remember that sometimes in life, you get what you pay for. And speaking of payment, what support is available post-payment? Do they have email, forum, skype support?

Now the final step, let people now that you are starting a vertical jump program. Studies prove time after time that there is a significantly higher rate of success for those goals that are communicated publicly. Tell your parents, friends, and coaches what you are doing and set goals. Set realistic goals but make sure you need to work to achieve them.

If you really desire to get better at basketball (any sport for that matter), increasing your vertical leap is a cornerstone of successful athletes. The best way to increase your vertical is to get some help from a top vertical jump program. Pick one up and start jumping higher today!

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