The choices have become overwhelming when it comes to men’s fashion. Dressing up for men is not as simple as it once used to be. The street wear has become an important part of menswear and you cannot just rely on the basic clothing items to dress well. Now you have the option of mens one piece jumpsuit, onesies and many other formal and informal clothing options to choose from. But there are some clothing items that every man needs in his closet. The wardrobe should be a blend of classic and trendy clothing items so that you can look good on every occasion.

Here are some clothing items that every man should have in their closet.

A sports jacket:

A sports jacket is an excellent addition to the closet. The jacket allows you to create a balanced look. On occasions that are neither too casual nor too formal. A sports jacket will help in creating a smart casual look. The darkcolored jackets are a good choice for creating a formal appearance. Colors such as charcoal grey, dark brown and navy blue are versatile options. The sports jackets are stylish and easy to wear with easily accessible patch pockets and expandable pleat to offer a flexibility of movement.

Button down shirts:

The button down shirt is an essential part of the wardrobe. These shirts are useful for casual as well as formal wear. For a casual look, the button down shirt can be worn under a crew neck jumper and complete the look with slim chinos. For a formal look, you can wear the elegant shirt with a two piece suit. You can also add a tie to look more elegant and sophisticated. A statement tie and a belt is a great addition to the look as well. You should have white and pale blue button down shirt in your closet.

The denim jeans:

Straight fit and nonfaded denim jeans are a must for men’s wardrobe. A straight fit is a versatile clothing option that you can wear on so many different occasions. The dark colored denim jeans are an elegant option. To create a casual look you should pair it with a plain tshirt and if you want to dress it up then add a jacket on the top. The dark colored pants are a better option because they have a formal outlook.

The footwear:

The wardrobe is not complete without the footwear. The footwear that you choose should be suitable for the clothes that you are wearing. The wardrobe should have formal as well as informal footwear. A pair of dark brown leather boots is a great choice for a smart casual look. You can wear them with casual jeans as well as formal dress pants. The dress shoes are an important investment as they are durable and versatile. Sneakers are also a great option for casual wear.


Accessories are important for making your look stylish and unique. A beautiful tie, statement belt or a nice wristwatch with leather strap are great accessories to add to your look. The accessories are important for adding individuality to the wardrobe.

These are some important things that every man should have so that their wardrobe is versatile and functional.

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