Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway (myfiosgateway) Is Sold under the best WiFi Routers in the Marketplace.

Myfiosgateway router unlike most of the major routers supports all of the links types including Wireless WiFi, Ethernet, and other means of wires. You can connect all of your devices such as your phone, computer, notebook, tablet, and smart assistants into the net or home network easily utilizing Myfiosgateway router.

You have to know about all the settings of Verizon Myfiosgateway, in order to use all of its features. Now let's go through all the settings one by one.
Together with the tighter security of the WiFi Networks, more WiFi password cracking techniques has also evolved to the great extends. Therefore for better WiFi security, it is strongly recommended to keep changing the WiFi password once every two to three weeks. Sometime you might have forgotten Myfiosgateway password, or If friends and family know your WiFi password and you would like to reset it then go through the steps to alter
Myfjiosgateway Password.

Note: You need to be connected together with your Myfiosgateway WiFi, in order to change its Password.

Type IP address in the URL box and then hit enter.

Enter username as admin and kind default password from the rear decal of your WiFi router.

Navigate into the Wireless Settings (Top Menu) and then to the Basic Security Settings (Left Menu).

Scroll down to WiFi Security and Click the selected WPA2 Radio Button.

This was an easy and quick procedure to alter the Verizon Myfiosgateway password. You can also utilize the Verizon My Fios app or log in to My Verizon so as to manage WiFi Password Settings.

The Way to conceal Myfiosgateway WiFi out of other people?

If you're willing to allow only specific devices to connect to a Myfiosgateway WiFi or if you would like to hide it from others then you have to apply this setting. You merely have to filter the mac addresses of your devices and no additional apparatus will have the ability to connect to your WiFi, even though they know the password.

Visit IP and login to your router.

Go to Wireless Settings and then to the Advanced Security Settings.

Scroll down to the Level 3 Limit access to the specific wireless apparatus.

Click on the Wireless MAC Authentication.

One enter your devices MAC addresses in the Client MAC Address box and then tap on Employ to store the configurations.

Watch the list of linked devices to know the MAC Address of your apparatus.

So this is how you are able to restrict other devices from connecting to your Myfiosgateway WiFi.
How to reset Myfiosgateway WiFi Router?
You are able to consider resetting Myfiosgateway WiFi Router from multiple instances such as in the event that you've forgotten the changed admin password or if you forgot to add your device MAC address in the MAC filtering. This process will reset all of the router settings to the default including the admin and WiFi passwords

Press and hold the RED Reset Button on the back of this Myfiosgateway WiFi Router.

It will restart your router once the reset is complete.

Connect your device to the WiFi, you can get the default password to the back label.

Open the browser on your device and input

Input username as an admin and enter the default admin password in the rear label of your router.

Obey the instructions to set up your router for the first usage.

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