Cryptography is extensively used to secure end-to-end communications with sensitive files, data, records, and much more to ensure the prevention of data loss. With a goal to design fully optimized solutions to use-cases in cybersecurity based on quantum information processing, VeriQloud provides a unique approach and solution with quantum technology as one of the fastest-growing startups.

Marc Kaplan, the CEO, Co–founded VeriQloud to achieve a collective ambition to unlock the power of quantum communication networks by working on applications, software, and architecture.

We at Insights Success a online business magazine came across VeriQloud. We talked with Marc to understand how VeriQloud is pushing forward to unlock the power of quantum communication networks.

What are your future aspirations? Where do you see VeriQloud in the next five years?

We are starting to develop applications for secure quantum cloud computing today. This is our natural horizon and the ultimate application of quantum cybersecurity that we consider at VeriQloud.

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