In most astrology & psychic
the given time frame may not be the most lovey dovey! 

This time of the year everybody  inquires about upcoming relationships, career and financial potentials for 2004.  What about the major planetary aspects and events taking place in the year?  Take advantage of the following to plan your year ahead.

During the period of May 17-June 29 2004 Venus enters Retrograde.  Venus is the planet of love, reflecting and revising  the loving principal is important.  Affection is stagnant and inwardly expressed.  This is not a time to start dating or get married.  If you are paying for an expensive  matchmaking or dating service, this would be an ideal time to freeze your membership.   However, it is an excellent time to review and refresh a current relationship.  

Since Venus rules money, logically revenue is earned through work.  During the Venus Retrograde of October through  November 2002,  a building manager was hired to manage a building in exchange for a free apartment.  This manager not only embarked a new job, but also a new residence.   She detested the job and hated her living conditions.  She quit before Venus turned direct.  In less than 6 weeks, she moved twice.  I wonder about the 3rd place she moved too immediately thereafter.  It is recommended place on hold any major actions, decisions or embarking any new ventures on this retrograde.

From a work standpoint, NEVER EVER START A NEW JOB WHATSOEVER ON A VENUS RETROGRADE!  The job will not be liked and better job becomes available after the retrograde, The level of appreciation is unexpressed, A duty the job duties may not be liked. Worse, they may not have been stated directly from the beginning.

Since Venus rules beauty, Plastic surgery is not recommended.  During the Venus Retrograde of January 1989 a client underwent Rhinoplasty (Nose Job). Though she did like her doctor, she did not like the results.  She had her nose redone.  Also, another client, a nurse,  assisted in the operating room when a certain male singer underwent Rhinoplasty and 2 other procedures.   This performer is notorious for having too much plastic surgery to the point of  overboard.  Upon checking the date, it too landed on a Venus retrograde.  If  I could only get my hands on all the surgery's!  However, it certainly justify why this person has and probably will always go under the knife multiple times. .

Venus' pleasure principal is not at its fullest.  Social events are complete "busts" on a retrograde.   Never plan a major party because either  no one shows or the party is boring!  Worse, vacations are not recommended.  During Venus retrograde April 1912  a cruise was not enjoyable.  TITANIC SANK! Granted there We're difficult aspects from  Venus retrograde to Neptune (the sea.)   But for those that opted a vacation, did not fine pleasure or get their monies worth.  Interestingly,   the film  was released 3 weeks before Venus went retrograde.  The film was about a Venus  Retrograde event that made the film even more popular on a Venus Retrograde during late December 1997 through early January 1998.  At some point do not be surprised if its re-released. 

On a positive note, please remember the above is to improve better times to assert actions.   Nothing is a catastrophe.    Save your money and time. Do not make any major decisions or invest time in trying to tackle a major event that you can put until the time is better.  However, do use this period to analyzing your patterns in life. It is a great way to grow as a person. Growth does lead to better attainment!

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.