7th house cusp owned by a planet negative for the marriage straightaway indicates no marriage. You can accurately tell if a person is meant or not meant to get married in life by also looking at these three things in the horoscope.


The main significator of marriage for any person (male/female) is Venus. Venus simply means marriage. So, if you are a girl, do not look at your Jupiter to know when you will get married.

Venus in most of the horoscopes is positive for marriage and people having a horoscope not good for getting married can expect to get married in their Venus time period.

Venus is the owner of 7th sign in the zodiac which naturally carries the energy of 7th house, relationship and harmony.

A Venus not well placed for marriage can reduce your chances of marrying a beautiful person.


The ascendant shows a person’s thinking, beliefs, interests and inclinations.

If the Lord of Ascendant or the planet in the Ascendant shows no inclination towards marriage then there is a very strong possibility that the native will have no interest in getting married or will hardly show any interest in the married life.

The native will hardly try to get married and look for a companion.

If the majority of planets are also negative for marriage, then this will further reduce the chances of getting married and the native will remain single.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.