In this article we talk about one of the myths about the most feared and largely misunderstood diet: the myth of carbohydrates that make you fat .

There are many people who write to us to help them build the right vegan diet that is balanced and suitable for them and that are terrified of consuming too many carbohydrates.

Everyone thinks that to lose weight it is only necessary to reduce calories and above all reduce the carbohydrates that make you fat , but it does not work that way.

There is a serious risk which is then what we see every day: a ruined metabolism and people who literally are terrified of touching a plate of pasta and who run to weigh themselves to see how many pounds they are fattened.

And what if we told you instead that if you adopt a right vegan diet you can eat good things to satiety and at the same time find your ideal weight again ?

And keep it long?

Exactly, that's right: you can go back to being the beautiful figure you once were, with glowing skin and the will to live, eating the natural vegetable food that nature has provided for you!

Read this article carefully and you will find out how to build a right vegan diet:

we will clarify the myth of carbohydrates and see if they really make you fat;
you will understand how to re-educate your metabolism to regain your weight by eating to satiety ;
find out which are the best whole grain carbohydrates and how to put them into your diet ...
We are a bit shocked to say it, but we are facing a real plot that undermines people's health.

We are stuffed with animal protein doped with drugs, making us believe that this is the best to lose weight and have the physicists of the stars on the cover. By the way, here you can find the article about the myth of proteins .

The fashion of high-protein diets has had a dangerous effect on how people approach food every day.

The terrible and harmful consequences are before our eyes: great incidence of tumors, metabolic syndrome and sky-high cardiopathies; busted metabolisms, insulin resistance and fear of consuming sugar and carbohydrates.

With Alkaline Vegetable Nutrition you can say goodbye to all this!

The serious researchers clearly say: carbohydrates are good!

Most studies on large or relatively large groups show a clear connection between a low-protein diet based on vegetables and highly complex carbohydrates ( whole grains and legumes, fruits and vegetables), olive oil and nuts, a reduced level of disease and healthy longevity .

An epidemiological study conducted on 6,000 US citizens indicates that the consumption of a high-protein diet is associated with a 75% increase in overall mortality , in addition to a 3-4 times higher incidence of cancer mortality.

It is not only Campbell with The China Study who supports him, but many other researchers and experts in the field of nutrition, such as Mc Dougall or Valter Longo with the Diet of Longevity in Italy.

Here are some results of the patients of dr. Mc Dougall with the "Starch based Diet", that is a vegetable diet based on carbohydrates and low fat:

do carbohydrates make you fat?

carbohydrates don't make you fat

What you don't know can ruin your health

The false myth of carbohydrates that make you fat is hard to die, but the evidence shows that our body is an engine that goes to glucose and this gas must take it either from vegetables or by breaking down the starch of complex carbohydrates.

The vegan diet works well to heal illnesses, make you regain weight, develop lean mass (muscles) and even to keep you young and long, but let's see together how to best shape it.

Almost everyone now knows the glycemic index of foods and nutritionists also often base their weight-loss strategies on consuming foods that have a reduced impact on raising insulin in the blood.

Too bad, however, that the glycemic index is now obsolete and not very relevant . We wrote an article about weight loss and the vegan diet .

Let's take a practical example : the carrot has a high GI, or the sugars it contains can make the blood sugar rise quickly ...

But the IG refers to 50 isolated grams of its sugars, NOT to 50 grams of carrot; in fact, to have a significant insulin rise you should eat half a kilo of carrots, understand the catch?

They scared us for years with the terror of GI , but this is only indicative of the quality of the sugars and NOT of the quantity present by weight in the food.

Furthermore, an increase in GI when eating carbohydrates serves to get a satiety signal to the brain and therefore a diet based on the right carbohydrates nourishes the cells of their ideal gasoline and keeps the appetite under control.

Don't you think an excellent deal?

When we switched to vegan years ago we immediately experienced an incredible energy level, it was easy to lift weights that previously challenged us to the limit of our possibilities.

We wondered how it was possible to be stronger and more resistant by eating only a few vegan proteins ...

The satisfaction was so great and then the long research we have done over the years, and on which we have based our vegan cooking course , they have confirmed the scientific reasons.

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