The logos are the signature of any business. They are designer with utmost care and innovation. But what if the logo loses the designated high quality once they are enlarged? If so then the whole purpose of designing logos so meticulously remains defeated.

While some point out defects with the logo designs, the truth lies elsewhere. In most instances the real problem is not the design but the logo being stored as raster image. This is where vector art conversion can be helpful. It is the preferred way to show off a company logo online.

Why raster images tend to blur when enlarged?

The raster images are made up of dots or pixels. The higher the number of color dots, the better is the resolution. The image quality is highly determined by the resolution. While images with less resolution are perfect when they are in small size but the quality reduces as the size the increased. This is because the number of pixels as reduced as compared with size of the size of the image. So, the existing pixels are elongated. The elongated pixels are insufficient to meet the quality standards.

Why Vector images do not loose quality when enlarged?

Unlike, Raster images the vector images are not formed of pixels. They are formed of mathematical expressions. So they can be easily enlarged to whichever size one wishes them to be. Since they are not pictures, the image quality does not change.

What is Vector art conversion?

The raster can be converted from raster image to vector images. Irrespective of the format in which the images are stored, they can be professionally converted into vector conversion. Several softwares can be used for this conversion. Once the images are converted into vector form, there are no quality issues when enlarged.

The difference between automatic vectorize process and the professional ones.

There are some processes, which can be implemented for automatic conversion of raster images to vector images. But high quality vector images can only be achieved with specific software implemented professionally.

What if the raster images are stored in different formats?

Raster images are stored in varied kind of formats. Raster image can be converted into vector, irrespective of the format in which they are stored. They can easily be transferred into vector images with use one of the many types of software. Once they are converted into vector they can be stored in various file formats.

Skilled digitals editors are apt to convert the complex raster images to vector. Vector images can also be created out of damaged raster images. Such pictures need special reconstruction. Once they are reconstructed, they can then be transferred into vector image.

How to choose service provider?

There are several offshore companies which provide raster to vector conversion. But quality and timeline must be the two criteria that should determine the merit of the service provider. Choose the one who provide quality and prompt service. An ideal service provider should be able to provide the Vector images in which ever format as suited to the client.

Vector art conversion is not longer a fancy but an urgent requirement to meet the professional standards. Most offshore providers know that they have to provide these services to help their clients to raise the pitch online with their products and services.

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