Vaxis has just announced its new Atom 500, an affordable 500’ wireless video transmission system.

Up to 500′ Line-of-Sight Range
OLED Screen
HDMI In/Out on TX unit, dual HDMI Out on the RX unit
Dedicated iOS app where up to three iPhone or iPads can view the image at once
Built-in antenna design
Optional Battery Mounting Plates
Support USB-C voltage input
Stable & Reliable industrial metal housing
Future Firmware Upgrades via USB
Smart fan


The Atom 500 signals Vaxis entering a new segment of the market. Affordable HDMI wireless video systems have been popping up everywhere lately and I guess it comes as no surprise that Vaxis want a piece of that pie.

Unlike previous products that were aimed at professional users, the Atom 500 is aimed at the Prosumer, YouTube, Vlogger market.

The Atom 500 consists of a HDMI TX and RX unit. Both work on the 5GHz frequency band so you aren’t going to get anywhere near the same operating range of a dedicated wireless video system.

The concept behind the Atom 500 is to give users an affordable and versatile monitoring solution. You can output to a traditional monitor that has an HDMI input, or you can monitor the signal through the dedicated app on an iPad or iPhone.

Dual HDMI Ports

Unlike most other budget app based wireless video systems, the Atom 500 TX unit has both HDMI In and Out ports, while the RX unit has dual HDMI Out ports. This is a nice feature to have because you can loop a signal out through a monitor.

Size & Weight

The Atom 500 RX and TX units weigh just 158g (5.57oz) each. They have physical dimensions of 105 x 60 x 22mm.

This does make them quite small, but because they have both full sized HDMI In and Out ports they are going to be larger than some other available systems.


There isn’t much in the way of direct competition. The Atom 500 is more versatile and has a TX and RX unit unlike the Accsoon CineEye Wireless Video Transmitter with 5 GHz Wi-Fi for Mobile Devices.

Teradek has its Serv Pro, but that has both an HDMI and SDI in and uses an app that has far more functionality and features. The Serv Pro can also be connected to 10 IOS devices at once.

There is also the Zhiyun Image Transmission Module Transmount Transmitter for the Zhiyun Weebill S. Although this is designed for the Weebill S it can be used as a standalone wireless transmitter that can be viewed on iOS or Android devices.

Pricing and availability

The Vaxis Atom 500 is now shipping for $480 USD.

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