Despite several recent introductions among 4K UST laser projectors, the VAVA VA-LT002, informally known as the VAVA 4K, remains the least expensive option in its product class. It carries a $2,799 list and street price, though VAVA has run holiday flash sales for as low as $1,960. From a price perspective, the step-up projectors from the VAVA are currently the $3,299 Optoma CinemaX P2 and Samsung's $3,499 LSP7T. The Hisense 100L5F carries a $3,999 list price with an included 100-inch UST ALR screen. (You can survey all the current 4K UST living room projectors in our Ultra Short Throw Buyer's Guide.

Not surprisingly, we get frequent mail asking about the differences between the VAVA and the Optoma P2 and inquiring which is better. That question is different than whether the premium for the P2, $500 on a normal day without sales, is worth the money. I'll go ahead and spare some of you from reading a lengthy review by stating right up front that the Optoma is the better projector in nearly all respects, especially image quality. I also believe strongly that the combined differences between these projectors in picture, features, and ergonomics more than justify the extra cost for the P2. Whether it's worth it to you will depend on what you value.

My analysis here is based on my prior experience reviewing both projectors and fresh evaluations of each model with its current firmware as projected onto a 100-inch Elite Aeon CLR ambient-light-rejecting UST screen. As part of my testing, I did simultaneous, on-screen comparisons of the same SDR and HDR images for both projectors. The Aeon CLR, like most UST ALR screens, has a sawtooth optical construction that accepts light from directly below the screen and reflects it straight out to the viewer while rejecting overhead ambient light. It is a dark gray screen material with a 0.6 gain, so it sacrifices a considerable amount of peak brightness that is more than made up for by its exceptional deepening of black and improved contrast in both high-ambient-light and dark conditions.

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