There is no hiding that today’s world is a competitive world, where being the ace is the most important thing. No wonder every parent is concerned about the education of their children. However, sometimes even after putting in all the hard work and efforts, you might see that your children are not getting the desired results. The reasons behind this could be many- starting from a lack of concentration, low memory power, etc. One of the prominent reasons behind your child lagging in studies is Vastu defects in your children’s room.

Vastu Shastra and Your Children’s Room

The way a child behaves and performs in academics is hugely linked with the way their room is designed, the ambience, and the direction they face while studying. Studying for long hours is not a key to performing well in your studies; instead, you should study with concentration. A good atmosphere can assist in improving the concentration level, grasping powers, and learning capacity. This is where Vastu Shastra can do wonders.

Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, works to balance the energy of your living space. This energy is the reason for bringing positivity or negativity into your home. Following the Vastu Shastra guidelines can ensure that the architectural structure balances the cosmic energy around you and within you. But to know which Vastu guidelines to follow, you will have to consult an expert Vastu consultant. You can find India’s best Vastu consultants online on the Astroyogi platform.

Few Vastu Tips for Your Children’s Study Rooms

Tip 1- Your children must face the East of the North direction while studying. It would be best to display your children’s rewards such as certificates, trophies, or other such accolades on the East or North wall. Hanging up your child’s achievements will work as a constant encouragement for them.

Tip 2- When it comes to your children’s room where they study, clutter is a big no-no, as per Vastu Shastra. The study desk should be tidy and clutter-free. The books should be in their place in the bookshelves and not strewn over. Scattered books on the study desk can cause heavy pressure and unnecessary stress on your children.

Tip 3- Every stationery should be in good condition and ready to be used. Old books, non-working pens, pencil shavings, unsharpened pencils, etc., should be removed before they pile up as these items create negative vibes.

Tip 4- The shape of the study table in your child’s room should be square or rectangular as this will allow your child to concentrate. Avoid installing round study tables.

Tip 5- Your child’s study table should have an open area in the front. But if that’s not possible, and the desk needs to go along the wall, then make sure to leave a small gap between the desk and the wall. This becomes crucial for the better flow and circulation of energies in the room.

Tip 6- Colours can have a significant effect on your child’s mood. Moreover, Vastu experts believe that colours have their own energy. The green colour is considered great for your child’s room as green is associated with growth and prosperity. It is also believed to increase the creativity of a child. This colour also has a soothing effect on the eyes. Blue is also considered a good pick, especially for hyperactive children. Both green and blue bring a certain calmness and freshness to the room.

By following the Vastu guidelines, your child’s performance in studies will improve. It will also help them concentrate and enhance their learning capabilities. To ensure that the Vastu tips are working in your favour, you must always consult an expert Vastu consultant.
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