Industrial paintings are different from domestic paintings. Many factors come into play to determine the proper paint to be used for the painting process. Various sections of industry like the garage, production site, etc., need different paints based on the utility on the color rather than appearance. Industrial painters in Perth use other modern methods and equipment to determine and apply the proper paint needed to optimize the working of the plant. 

Substances like Polyurethane and epoxy are used in Industrial painting for the smooth and sturdy outer surface of factory walls. It also prevents corrosion in case pipes and other equipment in exposure to moisture. Before going into details, let's look into the different types of utilities provided by industrial paints.

  • Ease of Maintenance – The paints can be easily cleaned, or it would be a different job to clean the whole surface of a prominent industrial place in a short period
  • Protection from Natural factors- The paints should be able to protect the surface from solar radiation, insects, algae, and other natural factors
  • Professional Paint finish – The industrial place must look appealing to people also. Industrial paints provide classy looks to the outer surface of the plant.
  • Waterproofing – Waterproofing is an essential aspect because water can rust away the surface weakening the whole structure leading to a catastrophe. Industrial paints are used to ensure that the place is waterproof.

 These are some of the types of painting methods used for industrial painting:

  1. Aquatic Paints: The primary function of this type of paint is to protect the surface from corrosion. There are many heavy instruments and containers which are easily susceptible to rust. This type of paint helps prevent that effectively.

These paints are of top quality and durable for a long time. The most important part is these paints are not flammable or toxic. This reduces the chances of fire hazards in the workstation.

  1. Oil-Based Paints: This type of paint is one of the most widely used industrial paints in Australia. It creates a solid and long-lasting topcoat over the surface of walls and equipment. Oil paints not only help in saving the surface from corrosion and protect it from other erosion effects. 

Another advantage is that there are many shades available in this medium. The painters can achieve the proper color scheme given to them quickly.

  1. Anti-Fouling paints: This type of paint is generally made of copper compounds, namely cuprous oxide and other fungicides. Anti-fouling paints protect from resisting the growth of bacteria and algae on the surface. 

These paints are pocket-friendly and perfect for all climates. It is suitable for use in agricultural factories too.

  1. Powder Coat Paints: These types of coats are mainly used for the appearance of the equipment. It protects the walls and instruments from UV rays affecting instruments. It also provides resistance from different chemical substances.

Industrial paintings in Perth are have become a norm for local construction firms. Industrial painting is an essential exercise as it helps avoid any future mishaps. Remember, a slight erosion can lead to many deaths. So, look into these types of industrial paints and choose the best option for you. 

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The author works with one of the leading agency of industrial painter in Perth and writes blogs about industrial painting in Perth.