Car scratches are pretty frustrating to deal with and if the mishap happens to your newly purchased car, no wonder you will have sleepless nights thinking of how to rectify the flaws! Well, that’s quite obvious. Perhaps the last thing you can expect is to have your car covered with deep scratch marks. Car scratches aren’t that easy to rectify. Before taking the plunge to apply necessary fixes, you need to have a clear idea on the various types of car paint scratches so that you can cover up the flaws effectively.

Take a tour with this article and learn everything about car paint scratches along with their effective fixes.

Types of Car Paint Scratches

Car scratches vary between deep, barely noticeable or expert tone and usually classified under 3 categories:

  • Primer-level scratch
  • Clear-coat scratch
  • Deep paint scratch

Let’s take a close look and understand each of them one by one.

  • Primer-level Scratch: A primer is a protective coating applied to the body of a car to give a lustrous shine and smooth surface appearance. If a scratch occurs at the top-layer coat, it exposes the primer coating and wrecks havoc on the car’s paint. At this level of damage, it becomes extremely essential to address the issue to prevent rust formation and other surface damages.
  • Clear-coat Scratch: As you might know, a thin layer coating on the surface body of a car protects the original paint from natural wear and tear, harmful UV rays, acid rain, dust and even a minor scratch on the top layer coating can expose your car’s paint to significant damages. Removing scratches from top-layer coating isn’t a job of a layman and requires intervention of experts offering professional mobile detailing in Brisbane.
  • Car’s Paint Scratch: When metal sheet becomes visible from underneath the surface layers, it indicates nothing but the severity of scratches. If deep car scratches left untreated for long, it becomes challenging to fix later and ruins the gleaming shine and lustrous appearance of your car permanently. Deep scratches are usually results of severe car accidents and professional mobile detailers always recommend car owners to take corrective measures to avoid further mishaps.

How Can You Fix Car Scratches?

Depending upon the nature, extent and severity of car scratches, you need to apply necessary treatments to restore the original glory of your car. In case of minor scratches, you can easily rectify on your own. For severe damages, you should seek assistance from professionals offering car scratch removal in Brisbane for guaranteed fixes.

Painting/Denting By Professionals Can Remove Deep Car Scratches

There’s no replacement to professional denting when it comes to car scratch removal. Removing car scratches by denting or painting can give the perfect showroom look to your car. The professional detailers wash off surface contaminants at first and then scrape off excess paint using sandpaper. Damaged paint should be removed with attention to detail to ensure other areas remain unaffected. 

Regardless of how carefully you maintain your car, scratches are bound to happen at some point in time. If you come across this mishap, don’t delay and seek professional assistance immediately to prevent further damage to your car. 

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