US federal government is determined to use the taxpayers’ money for public service and this is evident from various government foundation grants that are provided to organizations and individuals supporting the US federal government in its effort to work for greater public good. The grant money is made available by government’s arms and organizations working in the social sector can take advantage of the various grants to further their social programs. There are many grants and the good thing is that one can find them at one place and that is, the government’s funding portal. If you are working for the betterment of destitute and homeless people then you can look at the US federal government for help.

Non-government organizations and kind hearted individuals working to prevent youth from taking alcohol and drugs have to fight many battles. They locate drug addicts and persuade them to leave drugs. They give them assurance of better life. In short, the non-government organizations have to rehabilitate the drug addicts that want to come back to the mainstream society. Many non-government organization set rehabilitation centers where they help drug addicts leave drugs and learn some skill so that they can earn their bread and butter. Such non-government organizations require money that then can get from various government foundation grants.

Crime against women is rising but there are no worries as there are women groups that are determined to eradicate crime against women. These groups help women that face violence at home and office. The women groups often indulge in brawl with men involved in crime against women. The US federal government salutes the determination of these women groups and the government vows to help these groups in their efforts. Government foundation grants are a real help from the US federal government to these groups.

A drug free society is the dream of US federal government and the government is also keen to make a disease free society. Government foundation grants are available for scientific research aimed at finding cure for aids, cancer and other life threatening diseases. If your organization is working in the eradication of diseases then you can get money from the government and use that money to do more research. Man has caused much harm to the nature but there are people who work to increase the forest land. Such people can get monetary help from the government and help conserve the nature.

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