Internet can be used very effectively to place company ads in the various relevant websites for the purposes of brand building and brand awareness via increased visibility.

i. A company can use the internet for the purposes of carrying out its business transactions. Customers can log into the site, browse the list of products, customize them, buy them and make payment vita credit/ debit cards, paypal etc.

ii. Customer relationships could be maintained very effectively through the internet and it assures a very fast mode of communication, resulting in customer satisfaction

iii. Potential customers can be hooked in by providing an initial free service, which can later be converted into a sale.

iv. Customer or potential customer direct responses can be collected through voting over the internet, in a company’s own site. This data can be later used for the purposes of making future business decisions. (Marketing Teacher, 2011)

The advantages that electronic marketing holds over traditional marketing are many.

i. It is much less costlier than traditional marketing. The physical cost involved in the process of e marketing is substantially less than that in traditional marketing. There is an extensive use of automation, which cuts down direct physical labour. The usage of the internet for e marketing purposes cuts down on the usage and cost of physical materials and uses electronic materials instead.

ii. Immediate action is encouraged and very often evoked by the usage of direct response medium. The scope of immediately redeeming an offer results in the likelihood of an immediate response. E.g. An individual can buy a laptop computer or book a family holiday, immediately after seeing the ads (a discount would make this response time even shorter). The steps to actual acquisition of the product have become much easier due to E marketing. It is helping to close down the gap between providing or furnishing a piece of information to the customer and evoking a reaction from the customer’s side. The buying cycle of a customer has become shorter.

iii. Campaigns can be deployed or put into action very fast. It has been noticed that a campaign lifecycle gets shorter through e marketing. This happens due to the shorter lead time for producing any creative work.

iv. E marketing provides the advantage of personalisation of electronic marketing materials in a manner which is less costly than the physical materials.

v. It amplifies the marketers ability to collect and measure data.

vi. The scopes for testing the various creative and messaging materials are much more with e marketing. The accompanying cost is also much lesser.

vii. There could an integration of e marketing along with other direct media, like mobile messaging, direct mail etc., campaign response can be increased substantially.

viii. There is a high degree of interactivity in e marketing, between the company and their customer, which helps the company develop its products and services.

ix. The customer’s exposure to the various products and services offered by the company is increased by the virtue of e marketing.

x. Since the invested amount in e marketing is relatively lesser, the risk involved is also relatively lower than in the traditional form.

xi. The reach of the internet is not bound by any physical or geographic boundaries. So, target audiences from all over the globe can be reached out to for the purpose of branding a product/ service or selling it. Al these can be achieved at a budget which can be afforded by even a small business.

xii. A wide range of products or services can be offered in a wide range of ways through e marketing. The components of e marketing are sales, customer services, public relations, information management etc. With the advent of new technologies the future of this scope is huge.

xiii. The demographics that the internet provides are very attractive. The buying power of the group is very high. These groups are getting themselves more and more focussed and a proper niche market could be found out for a product with proper methods of searching, which would result in very high product sales.

xiv. Changes can be brought about in e marketing very quick and fast. There could be real time measurements of data and immediate changes could be set in order.

xv. Strategic competitive advantages could be fetched out from the marketing efficiencies created by e marketing.

(Chaffey, 2008) (Vikram, 2010) (Quirk , 2006) (Marketing Teacher, 2011),

With all these advantages going in favour of e marketing, it is easy to understand the reason why all the organizations these days are focussing a substantial share of their attention towards it. The investment that one needs to make is relatively much lesser than in traditional marketing or communication and the gained advantages are greater or at least at par with that of traditional marketing. So, keeping all this in mind London International Business School should shift from their traditional marketing ways to e marketing immediately.

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