Varicocele is varicose veins in the scrotum. Varicose veins only ruin your appearance, though. Varicocele is connected to infertility, a lack of ability to become a father. Varicocele can cause married men to have a childless marriage. It can be frustrating, especially if they wanted a family. For men who have no plans to be fathers, having varicocele only means having an ugly scrotum and a bit of discomfort. If you are wondering if you have a varicocele, here are the top symptoms of the enlarged veins.

Heaviness and Pain

A varicocele usually has no symptoms, except for the large veins that appear around one or both of your testicles. Varicocele rarely changes the way you feel and the way you function every day, except for the fact that they make you less likely to become a father. If you are in no need to have a child, varicocele does not change anything. Only the worst forms of varicocele will produce a feeling of having extra weight in your scrotum. It feels heavy and uncomfortable. Sometimes, you will feel pain in your scrotum.

Relief When Lying Down

If you have been experiencing heaviness, discomfort, or pain in your scrotum, feeling relief when you lie on your back is another symptom of varicocele. Because lying on your back will make your scrotum feel no different if your problem is not varicocele. When you discover this second symptom, go to the hospital right away and have yourself checked. Even if you do not need to be a father, you need to get rid of the pain and discomfort.

Natural Treatments

For men who do not want to have children and who are not experiencing any kind of discomfort due to varicocele, you can just live your lives without any form of treatment because it won't harm you. For the men who hope to become fathers one day, the top treatment for varicocele is surgery. There are variations of surgeries for varicocele treatment. It has been recorded several times that surgical treatment of varicocele leads to worse complications, though. Some men got a lesser chance of having children after undergoing surgery for the treatment of varicocele. Here are alternative treatments for varicocele.

Berries and Vegetables With Dark Green Leaves

A diet that is filled with berries and vegetables with dark green leaves is one of the ways to have varicocele treatment without surgery. The berries and vegetables with dark green leaves contain nutrients that will improve your blood flow. Varicocele form because the veins in your scrotum don't develop valves or malfunction, being unable to deliver blood efficiently. Eating a steady diet that contains nutrients to improve your blood flow will improve your blood flow so much, that the blood in your enlarged veins can finally go back to their proper flow. The blood will be back to maintaining the normal temperature of your testicles, allowing the development of sperm cells and bringing back fertility.


Salmon is the top recommended food by nutritionists because it is one food that contains most of the best nutrients that we need to be healthy. It is good for the heart, good for the skin, good for weight loss, etc. Salmon is, just like the berries and vegetables with dark green leaves, also good for the improvement of the blood circulation. Be careful where you buy your salmon, though. The best sources of salmon are the sellers who caught the fishes from their natural habitat. Salmon that are caught from their natural habitat contains all the best nutrition that they are famous for. Salmon that were bred in artificial fish farms do not contain the elements that they should naturally contain.

Proper Underwear

All of these foods are recommended for the natural treatment of varicocele because they improve blood circulation. This is because one of the causes of varicocele is poor circulation, just like varicose veins (the large veins that grow in the arms and feet, especially the arms and feet of women). So why not take a natural treatment that doesn't involve having to eat certain foods, but still improves your blood circulation? Choose proper underwear. Your underwear should give you enough support, but shouldn't ruin your blood circulation. So choose only quality underwear. Don't opt for cheap underwear because they will just literally kill you.

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